Fun & Games

Sep 08, '16

School is back in session at Brentwood College School. New students from all over the world have arrived on the beautiful campus that they call home for the next 10 months. On September 4 & 5, Prefects and Orientation Assistants arrived early to aid with the 200 new students arriving on the 6th. After a busy first couple of days of unpacking,...

Back to the Future: An Admissions Blog

Sep 07, '16

Yesterday was the day that all of the new students arrived at Brentwood with their families and, aside from Closing Day, it is one of the most emotional days of the entire year. Feelings of excitement, fear, happiness, nervousness and a bit of sadness were all felt by our new students as they acquainted themselves with their new Brentwood family...

An International Student at Brentwood

Sep 06, '16

It was a sunny morning and a nervous one for me as well as many other new students coming from all over the world to gather in one place, Mill Bay, Brentwood College. I was coming from Germany and after months of thinking about what this would be like, today was the day. It was the first of September, 2014 and I was one of the many kids coming...

Welcome to Brentwood

Sep 06, '16

Brentwood began the 2016-2017 school year in fine form today by welcoming more than 200 new students to our campus. From a warm welcome at the gates by Mrs. Rebecca Reynolds, Brentwood ‘81, to assistance from Mr. Steve Cowie, 40 year Brentwood teacher, and the work of almost 100 Orientation Assistants (students who have voluntarily cut short their...

Advice from A Grad to a Newcomer: What to Expect When Coming to Brentwood

Sep 04, '16

There are a lot of things to know before you enter this community but here are the top 10 things I think everyone should know before making their way into this school: 1. There is always something going on. If you are bored, you are missing something. To keep up to date with events, you should always check in with your friends or the whiteboard...

It's Great in Grade 8

Sep 03, '16

Despite the fact that this is only the second year of the Grade 8 Programme, one would think that we have been around a great deal longer. Such is the mark that the Grade 8s have left on the entire Brentwood community this year. Experiential learning is at the heart of our Grade 8 experience, and we started off the year fully embracing this...

Welcome to Brentwood Orientation 2016

Aug 28, '16

Brentwood Orientation can be a scary time for some new kids, but it’s full of new friends, new houses, and an experience unlike any other. Being nervous is natural, everyone is nervous, so the thing to remember is you’re all in the same boat, which means making new friends is easy. Go up and introduce yourself to new students, returning students,...

Hope House 2016

Aug 22, '16

Our gorgeous new home opened for Orientation in September to welcome all 18 of our returning students. With 46 new girls forming the majority of our population, it was utterly wonderful to see Hope’s ethos continue. The girls worked as a team under steady student leadership and with a passionately dedicated group of women in our advisor,...

Privett House

Aug 18, '16

Privett this year has been, in a word, hectic. To say that the energy felt by both the returning and the new students was mere excitement is an understatement. From day one of Orientation, the House has been alive. The Grade 12s stepped up to the plate, and carried on the Privett traditions. Along with the brand new set of boys, all of us were...

Allard House 2016

Aug 14, '16

Another year full of laughter, tears (happy and sad), and good memories has rushed by. From meeting all of the new mermaids in September to passing the torch to our future Grade 12s in June, we, as a house, have grown and have achieved more together than we ever could have apart. From Fun and Games Night to the Allard Polar Plunge, this year has...

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