Interhouse Volleyball

Mar 08, '21

Brentwood has a very competitive spirit when it comes to interhouse events. This competitive spirit was recently shown at our annual Interhouse Volleyball Tournament, a round robin of three divisions. The first division was boys consisting of four teams: Privett, Ellis, Whittall, and Rogers. Privett and Ellis were definitely the strongest...

Fall Athletic Awards

Feb 07, '21

It is my pleasure to be presenting the Term 1 competitive team awards. It has definitely been an unusual start to the year with our teams not in action with other schools. Nonetheless, despite the lack of competition, we have some very deserving winners as their service and leadership has probably been more critical than ever. I would ask that...

CB4 Athletics - The Great Outdoors

Jan 31, '21

Two weeks ago, with students returning to campus after a month-long hiatus, the fourth rendition of Camp Brentwood officially began. Just like all other aspects of the school, athletics changed for the first week in order to accommodate for the CB4 regulations, with an emphasis on outdoor activities. These changes were especially important for...


Jan 11, '21

Covid-19 mitigation strategies have limited every students’ athletic opportunities this year, but the volleyball program has been extremely fortunate in that our unique sport allows us to practice and mimic games in a way that is similar to previous years: separation on opposite sides of the net permits social distancing. Mitigation strategies...

The Passion is Infectious

Dec 10, '20

The staff member who runs at least a marathon a week. The Allard RFA who could not live without her dog, or coffee. It is my honour to introduce the kind, funny, and motivating, Ms Spencer Manton. Ms Manton is a role model for many young women (and young men) at Brentwood. Her “All Hustle No Hype” mindset is what keeps her going. As a former...

Sports: An Integral Part of Brentwood

Dec 03, '20

Exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health. Whether it’s just a short walk around the block or hours of intense rowing, it will make a difference in your life. Here at Brentwood, we value athletics as a crucial part of our curriculum. Being physically fit helps our students become happy and healthy individuals. Not everyone loves to...

First Term Sport: The Same, But Different

Nov 23, '20

As first term sport comes to an end and students look beyond the horizon and into the frenzied world of term two, let’s take a moment to look back at the highlights of an athletic term unlike any other. First term - for three sports programs here at Brentwood - is usually jam-packed with games and competitive action, so the COVID-19 pandemic has...

Fall Sports Captains

Oct 15, '20

It is my pleasure to be announcing our first term competitive Senior team captains. In a year when we have no idea what the future will bring, the leadership and positive energy needed from these student-athletes will be significant. I know they will be there for their teammates and their programs and help in any way they can, on or off the...

Brentwood’s Avid Athletes and their Augmented Anticipation for Athletic Action

Sep 27, '20

As the early fall sun floods the campus with radiant golden light, the fields, gym, and waterfront are all busy with students returning to their first term sports. While no official competitions are on the horizon yet, the athletes have been keen to get back into their seasons, and revamp their technical and tactical abilities in their chosen...

Post-Secondary Volleyball

Apr 22, '20

Brentwood College Volleyball is pleased to announce the signing of Varsity Captain Lexus BJ, Mack ‘20, to The College of the Rockies Volleyball Program. COTR plays in the highly competitive PacWest League in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association. Lexus will be playing volleyball while pursuing a Kinesiology degree. Lexus is the 13th...

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