A Concert to Conclude Term Two

Mar 13, '20

Every year, the Brentwood Wind Ensemble prepares music for competitive concerts that take place in the spring term. This year, Brentwood hosted a mini-concert that included Shawnigan Lake, St. Michael's and Queen Margaret’s. All bands played pieces from their musical ensembles and shared their different skills and harmonic melodies. Buchannon F,...

Java Hut 2020

Feb 23, '20

On Saturday, February 8, Brentwood hosted a very special event called Java Hut. Here, students and staff who have a special talent, such as singing or playing an instrument, could showcase themselves to their classmates and teachers. On the weekend before the students left for their well-deserved midterm break, after five weeks of classes...

A Baroque Experience

Jan 17, '20

It is always an amazing experience to attend a performance by a talented group of musicians, and even better when you do not have to travel to do it! Victoria Baroque is a group of dedicated and skilled musicians. Playing on authentic 17th and 18th century instruments including the harpsichord and violone, they share the distinctive music and...

A Brentwood-Style Concert for a Winter’s Eve!

Dec 10, '19

At Brentwood, art is a platform used to promote expression, creativity and teamwork. Over the past term, fine art students worked diligently preparing for our annual Concert for a Winter’s Eve on December 5th & 6th. The show was judged by many audience members as possibly the best show for many years. It featured singing and bands as they worked...

Taking Thunder Road to Springsteen Night

Dec 03, '19

Some know him as ‘The Boss’, the hero in denim tank tops, others as a nostalgic father’s boy, or Mary’s young, working husband. But across the board, Bruce Springsteen will forever be known as the musical wonder who brought joy to our parents’ lives with his strong, lyrical voice and ageless songs. It was Mr. Collis’ appreciation for the...

Composition Rock Band

Nov 20, '19

When people think about arts, they normally think about something classical: painting, playing an instrument, maybe dance. They don’t think about Composition Rock Band. This art is different and that’s what makes it so special. This art targets young musicians trying to create their own music from scratch. This class gives us the tools and...

A ♮ Talent for Music

Nov 11, '19

Every year, the British Columbia Music Educators’ Association (BCMEA) holds a multi-day professional development conference in Vancouver. As part of the proceedings, the association organizes and facilitates multiple days of intensive rehearsal followed by an evening concert for the BCMEA honour ensembles. Students from all across BC are invited...

The Jolly Jazzband

Nov 08, '19

As the new year begins, the Brentwood Jazz Band has been working as hard as ever to integrate both returning and new musicians. Taking our instruments and skills into account, Mr Newns, our band instructor, worked hard all summer to prepare songs that would suit our group. Currently, we are working on “All In For The Blues” - a fast tempo and...

Wind Ensemble Prepares for Winter’s Eve Concert

Oct 22, '19

Every first block arts afternoon, members of the Wind Ensemble get together in the Asper Room to practice music that we have picked with the help of our teacher, Mr Clausen. It’s only the beginning of October, but we are all now very excited for the first school event that we will be performing in: the Concert for A Winter’s Eve, the 5th and 6th...

The Quest for the Holy Grail Begins

Oct 16, '19

Each year, Mrs Widenmaier, Mr Newns and Mrs Blake get together to discuss what musical experience they want to bring to the Brentwood stage. They take into account the returning students and select a show they believe that will feature and challenge the skills of the cast. This year the school will get to enjoy the comedy Spamalot, a stage version...

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