Learn the Skills - AP Seminar

Oct 20, '20

Learning to research, analyze, interpret and articulate what you learn in today’s world is an essential part of succeeding in both university and life. AP Seminar 11 teaches students how to leave Brentwood confident that they can do so. AP Seminar 11 is composed of mostly Grade 10 students, as it is offered as a Grade 10 elective. This class...

Why We Wear Orange

Oct 04, '20

On Wednesday September 30th, Brentwood students ditched their uniforms and wore orange t-shirts, orange stickers and other orange clothing in honor of Orange Shirt Day. September 30th is recognized in order to promote reflection upon the wrongdoings of Canadian history and recognition of Canada’s First Nations People. Started in 2013 by...

AP Exams During COVID-19

Jun 08, '20

As the Covid-19 situation has continued to develop, areas of academics, arts and athletics have had to make creative and sometimes difficult adjustments. One aspect of many students’ academic learning that has made a drastic change was Advanced Placement (AP) exams, which were moved online and altered to fit the situation. The Advanced...

Future Design Challenge

Mar 21, '20

While getting up at the crisp hour of 5:30 am, finding a van, and making it to the ferry turned out to be a series of almost unfortunate events, a set of ambitious Meta 9 students accompanied by Mr Wismer braved the early hours to venture to Southridge Secondary School in Surrey. These six students competed in teams of three in Future Design...

Brentwood's Support at The Moosehide Campaign

Mar 04, '20

This past Monday, students from Brentwood and citizens from Victoria walked with the Moosehide Campaign to promote equality and to stand up against violence affecting indigenious women and children. Prejudice against indigenious Canadians is being studied by students in two courses offered at Brentwood: BC First Nations Studies 12 and Social...

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Jan 16, '20

Before the December break, we Grade 9s were presented with an opportunity to have a major impact on our community. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) gives students a chance to win $5000 to donate to the local charity of their choice. The YPI was created and is funded by The Toskan Casale Foundation. The program was created to connect...

The Bridge Between

Nov 26, '19

Near the end of term 1, Brentwood hosts a speaker series allowing Grade 12 students to explore different career pathways and meet past Brentonians as they reflect on their journey to their professions. On Saturday, the Grade 12s signed up for their two sessions and were given the opportunity to spend extra time with the speakers at lunch. The...

Brentwood’s Learning Centre: The Students’ Perspective

Nov 24, '19

The following is the text of a speech made at Assembly last week by Alice H, Allard ‘21 & Deklon S, Privett ‘20. Hey Brentwood! I’m Alice and I’m Deklon, and we’re here to talk about the Learning Centre program, and how it has helped us. Alice: In 7th grade, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This is an...

Farewell Mrs. Felix

Aug 06, '19

Below is a speech delivered at Assembly by Nurse Donna Decker in honour of a retiring Mrs Andrea Felix. It is my pleasure and honor to speak about Andrea Felix. It is difficult to summarize all that she has done for Brentwood over the past 18 years in such a short time, but I will do my best. Mrs. Felix came to Brentwood in 2001 along with her...

Marius Felix Retires: When Comes Such Another?

Aug 02, '19

My first memory of Mr Felix was meeting him during Orientation of my first year. My father had just left, and in a sudden flash, I realized I was alone in the middle of nowhere. But standing tall as ever by the Ross Building was Mr Felix, a lighthouse drawing in students who felt lost. Recognizing him from the stories my father, an Old...

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