There's No Mocking this Mock Trial

Dec 22, '15

Travis Mitchell has a diagnosed Intelligence Quotient of 80. Was this enough to have understood the instructions of the arresting police officer? Psychologists from each side of the bench (Katlan S '16 and Lucas T '16) disagreed. Did he murder two women on two separate occasions in cold blood, having planned it all ahead of time? Witnesses...

Writing for Rights

Dec 10, '15

Led again this year by Hope Houseparent and English Department icon Ms. Karen Hedquist, students in more than 15 classes participated in Amnesty International’s “Write for Rights” campaign today, producing more than 250 letters. Students advocated for gay rights, freedom of speech, for the end to torture, and the banning of child...

Prepping for Peru: Mosqoy Workshop

Nov 28, '15

On a cold dark Sunday evening, a group of students and staff members huddled into the Lecture Theatre for a glimpse of where they’ll be adventuring on a service trip to in a few short months: Peru. Twenty three members of the Brentwood community, headed by Mr. and Mrs. Beatty, will be travelling in March to Cusco, Peru, where there they will be...

A Judicious Journey to the Land of Law

Nov 12, '15

The sun is absent. I mumble a greeting to my classmates with my eyes half closed. Tripping up the bus stairs while trying to caffeinate myself, I smile with joy. It’s 5am, and we’re headed to Vancouver. The Thursday before midterm, the Law 12 class - accompanied by Mr. Bryant and Mrs. Gage - woke up at a profane hour of the morning (4am for...

Massive Map Visits Campus

Sep 29, '15

Last week, after two years on the waiting list, Brentwood was finally loaned an eleven-by-nine metre map of Canada from the Canadian Geographic Society. The map was on display in the gym until this weekend, when it was shipped off to continue its nation-wide tour. Students spent their Social Studies (and even English) blocks walking on the...

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Sep 01, '15

Below is the text of a speech made at Assembly by Grade 9s Aidan, Nik, Aleah and Julia. Aidan: Hi, I'm Aidan along with Nik, Aleah and Julia and today we are going to be talking to you about YPI, or the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. Julia: For this project, all the Grade 9s chose a local charity to research and do a presentation on...

R v Nur

Mar 15, '15

There is something special about Brentwood’s law class. It is a unique course that is hands on and application based. First term, our class’s focus was on a criminal mock trial. This term we constructed an appeal based on an actual case that is currently being examined in court. The case revolves around a man named Mr. Nur who was...

YPI 2015

Feb 23, '15

Coming back from Christmas break, the Grade nine 21st Century classes had been working on a project called YPI, or Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. We all chose a local charity to research and do a presentation on explaining why our charity was worthy of a generous $5000 grant from the Toskan Casale Foundation....

Howard v. Rich

Dec 01, '14

“All rise,” the voice of the judge, Ciel AB, Mack ’15, booms out in the courtroom that is silent except for the grating sound of chairs scratching across the floor. A pause. “Be seated.” The jury sits. The lawyers sit. Air, tense, permeates the room and the collectively held breath of the participants in the Brentwood mock trial is audible. The...

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Nov 16, '14

The Brentwood Saturday morning routine of three academic classes sometimes gets adjusted because of other activities that take students away from the classroom. In my two Geography 12 classes last Saturday the Grade 11s were at the Mental Health Day Awareness, Grade 12 SPARC members were helping out, and others were writing SAT’s, at the field...

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