Feminism 101

Jun 24, '17

Whether we choose to name it Feminism, Gender Equality, Womanism or Equalism, the search for the equality of all people is an as-yet unattained goal. To help examine the challenges presented in overcoming gender inequality, one elective available to Grade 10 English students in May was Gender Equality 101. Enriched by a carousel of enthusiastic...

Shocking. Positively Shocking!

Jun 09, '17

In Grade 10 English this past month, we were able to choose from several genre units to replace our typical English class for May. One of the options was the Ian Fleming unit, taught by Mr Collis, which focussed on the James Bond novels and movie adaptations. The course consisted of watching the best and the worst parts of the movies, making a...

Photojournalism 101

Jun 01, '17

In our four week Photojournalism elective, students have learned how to write news articles and take photos - and we’ve discussed what makes a photo special. Mr Ganley has given each student access to the yearbook cameras and this allows these students to learn how to take a photo and to practice their skills by getting out of the classroom and...

KidLit Elective - Nurturing the Inner Child

May 31, '17

In the past, the Grade 10 English curriculum had included a provincial exam at the beginning of May. Because of this, much material taught leading up to the exam was focused on what was on the curriculum guide. Luckily, the English teachers came up with the perfect end-of-year unit that kept English 10 interesting, the genre unit. This year,...

Bond, James Bond

May 29, '17

During the month of May, Grade 10 English students are given the chance to take an elective of their own choice. The choices were Kid Lit, Gender Equality, Horror Stories, and James Bond. As soon as I saw Mr. Collis go up to the podium and announce James Bond as a class, I knew what I would be doing for the remainder of the month. I have been...

A Ghost Walk To Steele-MacInnes Your Nerves

May 17, '17

For a month in third term, the Grade 10s have the opportunity to pick and study a specific literary genre for a month. For about a quarter of us, this meant diving into the realm of all things supernatural, with poltergeists, apparitions and spectres aplenty. In the Ghost Stories genre unit, a highlight was undoubtedly when our class got to take...

Dogwood Scholarships: Opportunities for the Future

May 06, '17

As the deadline for making the big university choice grows closer and closer, Brentwood students set out to showcase their talents and passions and strive for a provincial Dogwood Scholarship. Dogwoods are an award to recognize the dedication of Grade 12s in schools across BC. The Dogwood Scholarships are available to graduates who demonstrate...

Melhuish Grade 12

Mar 27, '17

The following is the winning Grade 12 speech winner in this year’s Melhuish Speaking Contest. So, you’ve just been given an assignment in English class. The paper is slapped down on your desk. Your eyes widen at the words “free verse poem” (shudder). The clutches of anxiety close in on your fragile teenage psyche because of the sheer number of...

Melhuish Grade 11

Mar 25, '17

The following is the winning Grade 11 speech winner in this year’s Melhuish Speaking Contest. Think back to when you were five years old. You probably got away with a lot more than you can today. Your parents probably saw you as the perfect little angel, so it didn’t matter how many times you messed up, or broke a plate or how many times you...

Melhuish Speech 10

Mar 23, '17

The following is the winning Grade 10 speech winner in this year’s Melhuish Speaking Contest. Don't you just hate having free time? Wouldn’t you prefer to be doing homework than, I don't know, anything else? Probably not: it's human nature to put off unwanted tasks till stress kicks you into overdrive and most people feel ashamed about that, that...

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