Cross Country Running

Dec 26, '22

Cross Country running is an exhausting and strenuous sport, and the Brentwood team is no exception. Throughout the fall term, the team has gutted it out on long-distance runs, hill sprints, and interval speed training. The team participated in all four events of the Cowichan Valley XC Series which are held at different scenic locations in the...

Hockey in Calgary

Dec 10, '22

On November 24th, the Brentwood Senior Ice Hockey team flew into Calgary for an exciting Springbank Hockey Tournament. The trip had been quite a journey, from rushing to the arena in SUVs to warming up on icy ground, the atmosphere had been quite different from what we were used to at Brentwood. However, the team was determined to take home the...

Island Champs Qualify for Provincials!

Dec 08, '22

The past couple of weeks have been jam-packed with victories and hardware for our Senior A Girls Volleyball Team! With a North Island Championship under their belt, the team was fired up for Island Championships at John Barsby in Nanaimo. Securing first place at North Islands was exciting, but the girls only had to get in the top four to advance...

Lorna Schultz Nicholson: A Visit by the Author-Athlete

Dec 06, '22

Ms Schultz Nicholson is an author who writes children’s and young adult books. She writes all types of books ranging from hockey to autism. Her connection to Brentwood is through Mr Brian Carr whom she met through the rowing program at UVic in 1982. He says, “She has paved the way on many fronts here in Canada. A member of the first high school...

Beginning of Ball Season

Nov 30, '22

As Brentwood athletes clap off their cleats and put away their knee pads, Pascal Siakams, Sue Birds, Steph Currys & Kia Nurses are dusted off to meet the Foote Center’s Wheaton Gym floor. In the first term, Brentwood students were encouraged to participate in girls Volleyball or Field hockey, or Soccer or Junior Rugby for the boys - as the...

Junior A Volleyball: A Season Recap

Nov 28, '22

In the next two weeks, the 2022 Junior A Girls Volleyball season will come to a close. With grit and positivity, the team persevered through any challenges they faced. The team has faced long playdays, and many games were finished in the third set. Throughout the season, the team has improved significantly through the connection between the...

Senior Volleyball B Team Gets Gritty - and Joyful

Nov 24, '22

Volleyball at Brentwood is one of the most popular first term sports for girls. This year’s numbers eclipsed previous years amongst both new and old students, and spanning all skill levels. Coming together at the beginning of the year, dozens of players are eager to not only improve their skills, but also to learn what team they will be playing...

We’re Back On the Ice!

Nov 08, '22

As the cold weather approaches campus, some students are dying to get on the mountain to ski and snowboard. Others struggle to avoid the bugs circulating around the community, and for many, I can sense the anticipation to be back in a hot, sunny climate. For me and my fellow teammates in the hockey program, however, the cold means “Game time!”...

Running All the Way to Islands

Oct 31, '22

Cross Country running is an exhausting and strenuous sport, and the Brentwood XC team makes no exceptions. Throughout the fall term, the team has been enduring long-distance runs, hill sprints, and interval training, all in preparation for the Vancouver Islands Championships, or Islands, for short. Throughout the term, the team has...

Behind the Scenes of a Brentwood Student: Expectations vs Reality

Oct 30, '22

Being a student at Brentwood requires managing a high level of expectations in all three pillars of the tripartite program - as well as the boarding house. Coming to Brentwood, students might not expect the heavy workload - or the supportive community. The teachers and staff always understand when students are away at sports or burnt out. I was...

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