Apr 14, '21

Over the past three years, fitness has become a huge part of my life. Staying active has kept me healthy, athletic and energetic through highschool. In grade 10, I was introduced to the cross training athletic program at Brentwood. It was not like your typical sport, where there were teams and competitions, but rather a way to maintain a healthy...

The Crown Prince: Mr Toby Collis Handford

Apr 10, '21

Being a new teacher at Brentwood can be a difficult and intimidating task. It becomes all the more difficult when you are expected to live up to a name that is royalty at the school. The Collis name is the stuff of legend here at Brentwood, and it takes an extraordinary man with extraordinary talents to not only handle that pressure, but thrive...

Spring Sports Captains

Apr 09, '21

At Assembly yesterday, the senior athletes who will be leading the spring competitive teams were announced. Congratulations to the following Captains as they begin their new responsibilities: Solveig C - Girls Rugby Gavin VO - Boys Rugby Alice S - Girls Soccer Karl D, Shaelyn L & Sarah G - Rowing Sasha I & Roisin B - Girls Tennis Lucas K -...

Brentwood Spring Fair - What to Expect

Apr 09, '21

For everyone at Brentwood College, there is nothing more frustrating than a year where we can not host thousands of athletes and coaches from dozens of schools and clubs around North America, house them in our gymnasium, feed them at the Entrepreneurship 12 booths, and share our campus and community with them. Unfortunately, however, for the...

Back on the Links

Apr 07, '21

After the school golf season in 2020 was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been dying to get back on the course. Brentwood’s golf program is located at the Cowichan Golf & Country Club which is approximately fifteen minutes from the school's campus where pros Scott Catton and Norm Jackson help make the Spring term the best it...

Springing Into Soccer

Apr 01, '21

As the cherry trees blossom, the hyacinths poke their heads through the warming soil, and the sunlight washes over Gillespie Field, Brentwood Girls Soccer hits the pitch for the final term. The coaching staff of five is formed by Head Coach Mr Barrett, and his merry band of helpers, Ms Fougner, Ms Bell-Etkin, Mr Veenema, and last, but certainly...

A Spring in the Step

Mar 28, '21

As Term 2 sports at Brentwood came to an end, the final term of sport sprung into action quite smoothly. Indoor sports were replaced with outdoor sports as students made the transition from a cool winter to a warm spring. Everybody is hopeful that the school will be able to enjoy a full term of spring sport where, unfortunately, last year it was...

Second Term Volleyball

Mar 25, '21

Similar to the other students this year, the girls in Second Term Volleyball (47 in total) were asking themselves - how is this going to work? With Covid, will we even be able to do anything? Will we have fun? Yes, we certainly did. Second term is about building up skills and technique, not teams, tournaments and matches. We work together...

Girls Basketball Wrap Up

Mar 24, '21

Despite covid mitigation, we showed up to every practice with positive attitudes, competitive hearts & the drive to improve. For the past two years, I’ve been coached by one of the best, Mr Pasquale, who brought my love for sports to another level. Although we were unable to compete, his passion & perseverance inspired us to keep our heads high,...

Women’s Weight Training

Mar 22, '21

Term three sports just had their kickoff. While some students decided to continue with their term two sport, many students chose to try new athletic options to discover even more hidden talents. Brentwood has countless athletic options that we can choose from, and each program is well organized and unique. One of these programs is Women’s...

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