A Snowball to Remember

Jan 09, '23

On December 10, 2022 - the last Saturday before Winter Break - the campus was bright with holiday spirit as students buttoned up blazers and zipped up dresses to attend the long-awaited event, Snowball. As the clocks neared five, the girls strapped on their heels and wobbled out to meet their suited, and suitable, dates. The thing that...

Go MACrazy!

Jan 07, '23

Saturday, December 3 was the last Open House of the year and it was Mackenzie House! Music blasted through unlit hallways, attracting a menagerie of students “dressed as their type” - this year’s theme. Some houses have a theme tradition that they repeat each year, such as Ellis’ legendary Casino Night. Most houses, however, like to change...

Brentwood Speaks Volumes - Public Speaking Provincials

Jan 05, '23

Voluntarily speaking in front of a group of judges and spectators on a topic you just learned about three minutes beforehand sounds like a nightmare for many, but Brentwood’s bravest and most talented public speakers fearlessly rose to this challenge and more in British Columbia’s Public Speaking Provincials, which took place this November in the...

Hope House: The House That Made Our School Complete

Jan 03, '23

Unlike most schools, Brentwood is home to the majority of its students. More than 425 of our 540 students live on campus. In 2010 Hope House was the newest addition to the campus. In the last 13 years, Hope has been the home, and supportive community, for hundreds, providing a safe harbour when times are busy and overwhelming. Within each...

High Scores on The Small Rock

Jan 01, '23

Heroes come in many different shapes and sizes - big and small, strong and weak, young and old. However, the hero of the Senior Girls Basketball team wore no cape, had no luscious locks and baby blue eyes, nor was gifted with the strapping body of Poseidon, as we crossed wild waters on our way to Salt Spring Island. No, our hero was garbed in...

Campus Kids’ Christmas

Dec 30, '22

The Student Activities Council (SAC) is always putting on events for the Brentwood community to come together and have fun. Some of the youngest members of the school community can be found at Sunday brunch, running down boarding house halls, or playing in the field – these are the children of staff members, a.k.a “campus kids”. These children,...

Brentwood’s Environmentally Conscious Club

Dec 28, '22

Every day our earth is threatened by environmental issues such as global warming and plastic pollution. That is why, here at Brentwood, we play our part in the fight for a clean and sustainable future as best we can. Brentwood currently houses a diligent club working to better our environmental future, the BEAT (Brentwood Environmental Action...

Senior Girls Volleyball Provincials

Dec 28, '22

Coming off of their Island Championship win, the Senior A Girls Volleyball Team headed to the mountain town of Merritt, BC in early December to compete in the Provincial Championship. Merritt was hit hard by the floods last year, but the resilient community was very welcoming of all 16 volleyball teams, their parents, and the coaches. After a day...

Cross Country Running

Dec 26, '22

Cross Country running is an exhausting and strenuous sport, and the Brentwood team is no exception. Throughout the fall term, the team has gutted it out on long-distance runs, hill sprints, and interval speed training. The team participated in all four events of the Cowichan Valley XC Series which are held at different scenic locations in the...

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s the Great 8s!

Dec 22, '22

As the chaos of the transition from first to second term ensues, there is one thing every former Brentwood Grade 8 student looks forward to: the Grade 8 Musical. While the rest of the 9-12 students spend their November running Uptown and going to Open Houses, the Grade 8s are hard at work in the studio to produce a musical that is nothng short...

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