Whittall House

Jul 16, '18

Honor, perseverance, integrity, and respect are the four pillars on which Whittall House and the boys who call it home stand. Each year, our Whittall family grows, not only in size, but also in depth, as new relationships are made. Each new Brentwood student is assigned a house. Living in Whittall, however, is more than a simple affiliation; it is...

The Ones Who Enjoy Holding Unto History

Jul 14, '18

Traditional film photography should have died years ago. It could have gone extinct in 1995 when the first digital camera was released by Kodak, but surprisingly, it didn’t. The flawless idea Nikon, Kodak, Canon and many other camera companies had about digital cameras was just another human invention. They thought it would be another astute...

Hope House

Jul 12, '18

2017-18 was magical: we sailed through ups & downs, conflict & laughter. In the process of building life-long friendships, we learned to reflect, communicate & compromise. We learned to love & how to express our love. In September, we opened our arms to 27 new students. Although Orientation was hectic, girls immersed themselves in the inclusive,...

Brentwood Beach Day

Jul 10, '18

Final exam were coming up! Everybody was preparing so hard but it’s always a good idea to get some rest during these stressful times. That is why the Student Activity Committee (SAC) held Brentwood Beach Day 2018 on June 9. There were so many activities for students to participate in. The most important one, of course, was swimming in the clear...

Ellis House

Jul 09, '18

Although only a short time has passed, our Ellis boys, alongside our houseparents and duty staff, have grown from a group of strangers into a family. The year began with entertaining orientation festivities: speed dating with Mackenzie & evening soccer. We competed tenaciously at the first interhouse competition of the year, Fun & Games, and had...

Brentwood 1st XV Falls Just Short of Provincial Glory

Jul 07, '18

This season has been an outstanding one for the Brentwood 1st XV; the team has improved greatly since first term, and in third term, has garnered convincing victories over St. Michaels, Rockridge, and Mark Isfeld. More so, the coaches have been further impressed by the team’s dedication to purposefully prepare, taking practices and pregame warmups...

Allard House

Jul 06, '18

Another year has flown by. A bittersweet feeling sits with all of us as we look back on what’s happened this year. With both tons of new faces, and a new Assistant Houseparent, Mr Smith (ex-Privett dutymaster and math genius) we knew we were in for a treat. Adapting to the mermaid lifestyle is not an easy task, but after only a few days, all our...

BC Rugby Championships

Jul 05, '18

Several Brentwood students and teachers spent the Canada Day weekend at the BC Rugby Association’s Regional Championships in Burnaby. Siblings Jacob B, Ellis ‘19 & Sophie B, Mackenzie ‘23 led the way representing the Vancouver Island Rugby Union’s Crimson Tide. Other Brentwood students playing rep rugby were Grad Liam Stephenson, Ellis ‘18 - U18...

Alexandra House

Jul 04, '18

September brought over 20 new faces into our home as the returning girls enthusiastically and lovingly helped them adapt to the busy Brentwood life and sisterhood that is Alex House. Quickly, the house environment became full of energy and giggles. As always, the girls took part in many traditions. These included multiple events with our brother...

Coed Field Hockey

Jul 03, '18

Coed Field Hockey is a now an established part of the third term sport program, and this year’s team had another very enjoyable and successful season. An eclectic mix of male theatre pro members and thespians, boosted by track star Femi and ice hockey players Ravi, Brandon, Elliott and Isaac, were admirably anchored by girls from all three levels...

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