Onto New Heights

Sep 28, '18

Knuckles scraped, chalk-whitened fingertips stretching to grasp the miniscule hand-hold barely protruding from the top of the overhang, the triumphant rock climber scales the last meter, and yells “Take” to their partner far below. Previously, Brentwood students had little opportunity to experience this challenge, and feel the thrill of...

Field Hockey Present and Future

Sep 27, '18

As the Brentwood year races to a start, many sports begin to compete in tournaments in the first weeks of September. Brentwood’s term one Field Hockey teams recently participated in the Friendship Cup, a two day tournament between local high school teams. Brentwood used these games as an opportunity to sort the girls into their potential teams for...

Weekend Vic Trips

Sep 25, '18

Living at school 24/7 can get tiring, so what’s better than a day to go shopping with your friends? Every year, during the third weekend at school, Brentwood organizes a trip to Victoria for a day as a way to treat us to some fun away from campus life. You can go to all your favourite stores, or if you’re an international student, visit some...

Interhouse Basketball

Sep 24, '18

The Foote Centre had its official opening Saturday afternoon and it was bursting at the seams with interhouse excitement all evening as MackEllis, HopePrivett, RogersAllard and WhittallAlex competed for hoops supremacy. In front of rabid fans from each house, players exhibited enthusiasm, energy and, occasionally, excellence. Results from the...

Interhouse Public Speaking

Sep 23, '18

One after another, student step up to the makeshift stage and ready themselves to give a great speech. On their shoulders they carry the weight of winning their categories as representatives of their Houses. The audience sits on the concrete steps of the Campbell Common amphitheatre eating their specialized ice-cream sundaes and popsicles while...

A Biological Expedition Through the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center!

Sep 22, '18

This year the AP Biology 12 and AP Environmental Science 12 students will get opportunities to enrich their designated curriculum and comprehend content in real-life situations. Opportunities like this include the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center where students performed labs and experiments on ecology in divergent biomes. We left school on...

Back and Ready To Attack

Sep 21, '18

Campus is thriving with frenzied excitement as eager students begin the 2018-19 school year here at Brentwood! Following an action-packed Orientation, students from all corners of the globe have boarded the Brentwood Express, and are going full speed ahead towards a busy, yet wonderful, tripartite year! Classes have commenced, and students are...

The Terry Fox Run

Sep 20, '18

On April 12th, 1980, Terry Fox began one of the most iconic and momentous journeys in Canadian history. He began the “Marathon of Hope,” cementing his legacy in Canadian history forever, and helping to change the lives of millions of Canadians suffering from cancer every day. Terry had previously been through chemotherapy, and had lost his right...

Brentwood Takes On Bamfield

Sep 19, '18

An iconic bus ride along the VERY bumpy roads led the 30+ students of AP Biology 12 and AP Environmental Science to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) for a weekend of exploration and learning. Neophytes to the journey ahead of us, we were pleasantly surprised by the accommodations and warm hospitality that Bamfield offered on Vancouver...

Crazy 8s Beguile Kelsey

Sep 18, '18

Three members of the Grade 8 class played pivotal roles in a convincing win over Kelsey SS in the Junior Soccer team’s league opener under sunny skies this afternoon. Davis P patrolled the field as attacking midfielder while Noah H server as striker and goaltender Dylan G kept a clean sheet. Goals were scored by William G (2), Lukas K (2), Olin...

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