Celebrating Maya J

Apr 29, '19

Last week, the students of our school celebrated the 18th birthday of the one and only Maya J. In light of her birthday, it’s only fair Maya gets some recognition because this is a girl who not only loves her Eggs Benny, but she loves her school, and her commitment to the school hasn't gone unnoticed. Originally from China, Maya decided to come...

A Spectator Event

Apr 28, '19

The Annual Brentwood Regatta is a renowned event that brings together people from all corners of the globe for a weekend to celebrate the incredible sport of rowing. This year, Brentwood was proud to host Regatta for the 49th year in a row, and welcomed coaches, athletes, and spectators to our oceanfront campus for some great racing....

Rockin’ Regatta

Apr 28, '19

With the 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta well underway, the campus has been transformed into a frenzied atmosphere, with students, athletes, and spectators here to enjoy an incredible weekend! The heart of the action is on Founder’s Plaza, overlooking the water, where there are vendor booths, fantastic food, and live entertainment from a series of...

Bright & Early

Apr 28, '19

With the sun just creeping above the easter horizon of a flat race course, the first heat will spring from the gates at 6:00 this morning. Crews will begin lining up to push off the docks and head down to the start line in the crisp air at 5:30. The energy of the regatta will be enough to wake up the campus for the early morning racing. “The...

How It All Comes Together

Apr 27, '19

The 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta is by far Brentwood’s biggest event of the year and takes a ton of organization and support from both the students and staff. Every year Mr Lee has the task of designating everyone with jobs. Our “regatta jobs” range from waste management - helping our guests sort their waste properly - to boat driving - acting as...

Regatta's Gourmet Grind

Apr 26, '19

Today at Brentwood College School, we are kicking off the 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta! This exciting event features live music, including sets from Brentwood students, a weekend of impressive rowing competition between international rowing clubs, and, of course, an extensive variety of cuisine created by the chefs of this year’s Entrepreneurship...

Brentwood’s Regatta Sonnet

Apr 26, '19

The 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta begins this afternoon and at this moment our students sit on the knife edge between the final academic class and an exciting weekend of rowing, guests, food, music, alumni and more. Mr Ganley’s Lit 12 class has recently been studying sonnets: Shakespeare’s “When in Disgrace”, Wordsworth’s “The World is Too Much...

Regatta as a Non Rower

Apr 25, '19

With the 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta upcoming, a time of excitement is on the horizon. The event brings a short period of intense variety to combat the regularity of the Brentwood schedule, and any change to the norm is compelling. A mass of humanity will arrive, like an immense migration of birds appearing over the skyline, filling the...

3 on 3

Apr 23, '19

For most Brentwood students and staff, Monday morning was the final in a quartet of long weekend sleep ins. Not so for the intrepid foursome of Ella D, Ella S, Jensa NG and Miranda N who threw themselves headlong into a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Victoria. Under the watchful eye of coach Mrs Napier, the girls battled it out with teams of both...

A Journey, To Alberni

Apr 23, '19

Last Tuesday, the majority of the Junior Boys Rugby team hunkered down on the bus for a two and a half hour trek up and over Vancouver Island to face some northern competition in Port Alberni. To the relief of the boys (some of whom missed a science test - sorry Mrs. Olszewski) the team met at Crooks Hall at noon to eat their early lunch, and pack...

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