CSSRA Finale - A Final Push

Jun 03, '19

Raceday number three was once again a successful day of rowing for the Brentwood program. The day began with the Jr. Boys Coxed Four final early in the morning. The boys had a fantastic race to finish off the year leaving them number 6 in the nation. At 8:52, the Sr. Mens Quad had their final. After a solid start and a row that left Mr Carr...

CSSRA Raceday #2

Jun 01, '19

Raceday number two was kicked off once again by the Jr Boys 4+, up before the crack of dawn to row their first race at 8:21am ET. The boys had a good race, finishing third in their Semi and advancing to the finals with the 6th fastest time. They prepare for their last row together of the 2018-19 season at 8:10 tomorrow morning. The Jr Boys 8+ had...

Serving Up A Good Time - Interhouse Tennis

Jun 01, '19

On Thursday June 8th, all eight boarding houses competed in the annual Interhouse Tennis Tournament. The event was put on by Mrs McLean and the Brentwood Tennis program. Interhouse tennis consisted of Boys Singles and Doubles, Girls Singles and Doubles and Mixed Doubles teams. All grades were represented in the tournament and they played solid,...

On the Third Day of St. Cat’s…

May 31, '19

The first day of races came, filled with the excitement and adrenaline of hundreds of the country’s best athletes. While several seniors kicked off their final regatta today, the grand majority of races that Brentwood participated in were rowed by junior crews. To kick off the day, the Jr Boys 4+ started Brentwood’s climb to the top by winning...

Lifer’s Dinner

May 30, '19

Lifers are a special breed here at Brentwood. Lifer refers to Grade 12s who have been at the school since the glory days of Grade 9, and for some, the glory days of Grade 8. In Grade 9, our class was made up 20 students who had continued from the Grade 8 program, joined by 55 new students, giving our class a total of 75. Today, out of that class...

First Day of St. Cat’s

May 29, '19

After a long day of flying, and a longer night’s rest, The BCS rowers got up and got dressed For a slow going morning, and a meal breaking their fast. All hopped in the vans - of course Alec was last. Upon arrival, boats went down to the water, Athletes hoping against hope, the weather’d get hotter. Race warm ups came next: arms only on the...

The Night B’fore St. Catharines

May 28, '19

’Twas the night b‘fore St. Catharines, and in Rogers House, Santino was packing, louder than a mouse. Shae, Solveig and Sarah snoozed with teddy bears, Because unlike Santino, they were better prepared. All rose in the morning, at dark 3 o’clock. Ethan woke later, nearly missing his stop. We hopped on the bus, dressed in uniform,...

Teed Up Fore Golf Provincials

May 28, '19

On May 23rd the Brentwood competitive golf team set forth to participate in the AA Islands Tournament. Eight teams played at Arbutus Ridge over two days. We were looking to gain promotion to provincials by coming either first or second in the tournament. We sent out five golfers from Grades 9-12 looking for a chance for victory. On the first day...

Rec Bball

May 21, '19

Recreational basketball is no joke. And despite it being possible that some people participating have not touched a basketball ball for three years prior to joining, it is not, by any stretch, some easy out for a third term sport option. The conditioning is tough, with consistent workouts and excruciatingly hard circuits on a regular basis....

Sunshine is the Best Medicine

May 20, '19

Rivers to paddle, cliffs to climb, and mountains to hike were all on the agenda of the ambitious ODP group this past week. Outdoor Pursuits is a unique Brnetwood sport featuring an array of diverse activities and outdoor survival skills. Particularly with the wave of beautiful sunny weather we have received lately, the past week has been an...

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