Regatta Music

Apr 28, '18

The atmosphere continues to thrive with commotion and excitement during day two here at the 48th Annual Brentwood International Rowing Regatta. As athletes have been working hard on the water to earn a place in the finals, the artists of Brentwood College School have been working hard on Founder’s Plaza to put on a wonderful show of live...

Entrepreneurship At Regatta

Apr 28, '18

Our Annual Regatta at Brentwood would not be the same without the extremely popular food booths that are run by the Entrepreneurship 12 students. Whether you are craving something sweet or savoury, you can find almost anything in the many booths that are set up in the Plaza. Entrepreneur 12 is a class that teaches students how to run and create a...

Welcome to Brentwood

Apr 27, '18

Opening day for the 48th Annual Brentwood International Rowing Regatta is upon us here in Mill Bay! The course is set, the water is gleaming, the sun is shining, and Mt. Baker is standing proudly beyond our shores, providing a breathtaking view for the thousands of people joining us on campus this weekend! 34 esteemed rowing clubs have joined...

Student Leadership At Regatta

Apr 27, '18

During the busy weekend of our International Regatta, all Brentwood students participate in various jobs to help out with the busy event. This allows for a sense of leadership and unity in the school; whether you are parking cars, handing out awards, boat washing, or taking photographs, every job has an important role in the Brentwood, and rowing,...

Regatta Food Review

Apr 27, '18

The students in Brentwood’s Entrepreneurship 12 courses have been planning all year to treat our Regatta visitors and athletes to fresh and tasty meals on Founder’s Plaza overlooking the race course. A team of finely tuned palettes have savoured their wares and below are reviews of what’s sweet and what’s savoury. The Grilled Cheese Shack...

Melhuish Speeches

Apr 27, '18

For the past month, every Brentwood student has brainstormed, drafted and delivered a persuasive speech in their English classroom. Named after longtime English teacher and Houseparent, Ms Beth Melhuish, this is an annual event. The final round of the Melhuish speeches took place at assembly on April 19th, with one person from each grade...

ShawMUN Victoria 2018

Apr 27, '18

On 7am on Friday the April 6th, 49 delegates departed the gates of Brentwood. Our destination was to attend ShawMUN Victoria, located at the Victoria Conference Centre and the Legislature Building. Preliminary to this MUN, hours were spent researching and constructing position papers to state our assigned country’s stance on the issue at hand. As...

Brentwood Dance

Apr 26, '18

Taking a break from their busy schedules, on Monday the Brentwood Dance Program attended the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, a demonstration of accomplished high school dance programs across Vancouver Island. Adjudicated by renowned professional dancer Taylor Dowlan, the Junior, Intermediate and Advanced dancers showcased their talents...

Shawnigan Training Camp

Apr 26, '18

From small boats to a gigantic eight, the Brentwood boys spent the first five days of their Spring Break getting into motion. After a grueling winter of training in smaller boats, it was finally time to start swinging together in our beloved eight. Training with your competitors is a task not everyone is willing to take, but the Brentwood...

Spring Formal

Apr 25, '18

Brentwood Seniors recently enjoyed a great Spring Formal put on by both the Grad Council and the SAC. This team effort required many meetings, weeks of planning, and numerous hours of organizing and set up. A huge thank you goes out to these student-run clubs for all their hard work, especially Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McLean as their guidance is...

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