AP Psychology 12 Mindfulness

Dec 03, '18

The AP Psychology 12 class at Brentwood encourages students to delve into the brain and its various functions, from the biology to the effects of one’s environment on their behavior and thinking. So far this year, our psychology class has learned about how to better improve our memory, the different compartments of the brain that affect how we as...

Law 12: Try This

Dec 02, '18

Apart from the obvious downfall or ruining the integrity of all my favourite legal movies, Law 12 is a truly fascinating and enjoyable course. Astounded is the only word I can use to describe how I feel when I realize the delicate intricacies of our complex legal system. Most of the rights which we have remain in the average citizen’s realm of...

Strength & Conditioning

Dec 02, '18

Have you ever been watching a sporting event, and thought, “Man, I wish I could be that huge?” Ever questioned your upper body strength, or lack thereof, after watching American Ninja Warrior? Have you ever wanted to be able to crush pull ups like the athletes in these shows, or even just learn to complete a push up properly? If you have...

A Notable Night

Dec 01, '18

The Grade 8 class sat quietly in their seats waiting to receive their homework assignment. We all knew what was coming: Night of the Notables. Some were excited, some were terrified, and others didn’t know what to expect. But by the end of the lesson, we all knew what had to get done. Throughout weeks of preparation for the big night, with many...

Sandcastles to Snowmen

Nov 30, '18

Brentwood is made up of three general groups of students: the day-students, the Canadian boarders, and the international students. Many trips and options are offered for the international students during breaks that are too short for them to go home. While these trips are great opportunities, overseas students often enjoy going home with other...

On Their Own Wavelength

Nov 29, '18

Students visited the Neuroscience Lab at UVic on Nov. 22 where Dr Krigolson (a former physics teacher at Brentwood and now research professor at UVic) organized a series of activities including a chance to wear portable brainwave devices. Students were able to watch their brains in action as the headset relayed them to an iPad that showed them...

The Real Housewives of Brentwood

Nov 29, '18

While all boarders at Brentwood are passionate about the house they live in, exemplifying their house spirit through interhouse events and bonding within the house, there is only one day each school year where each house can showcase itself to the rest of the school, immersing the student body into their humble home. This past Saturday night,...

Slam Poetry

Nov 28, '18

You say you love the rain. But do you, actually? Do you like its wetness and cold? Do you love walking under the rain? Do you love dancing under it? Or do you just love it when you are comfortable inside Sipping your wine, reading bad literature In the light of the fireplace that warms you up… You say you love me. But do you,...

Neuroscience - A Key to The Future

Nov 27, '18

Science is the human endeavour to explore mysteries manifested in the world and link phenomena to our existence. There are some aspects of science, however, that we can’t yet comprehend: if there was too much gravity the universe would collapse into a ball; if gravity were less powerful, the universe would fly apart. It is mysteries like these...

Junior of the Year

Nov 27, '18

Oarswoman Sarah G, Allard 21, who has distinguished herself this fall - her first at Brentwood - as a skilled stroke of the Junior Girls fastest crews, returned to her home club, the Vancouver Rowing Club this weekend where she was awarded the Junior of the Year trophy as the club’s top junior rower. Presenting the trophy were her VRC coaches Mary...

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