We Play Daily, Not Weakly

Nov 06, '17

During the past couple of weeks the gym has been regularly filled with our Senior A Girls Volleyball team working hard in preparation for some big upcoming events. This past weekend the team boarded the ferry heading to ISAs in Vancouver. We started the tournament with a very successful first day with four wins over big competition. Major growth...

Nigerian Dinner

Nov 04, '17

“Where the World Comes to School,” Brentwood boasts great diversity across its student body. Students from Nigeria and of Nigerian descent make up one of the larger ethnic groups at the school, and this past Wednesday we had the chance to share our colourful culture and cuisine with the school community. Between 5:15 and 6:30, Crooks Hall...

New to Brentwood

Nov 03, '17

I have to admit, there were a couple nights before coming to Brentwood where I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, trying to ease my anxiety. Even for someone like me who should be used to traveling and changing schools (I’ve switched schools about10 times so far in my life since my family is always moving) the thought of moving to a different...

ABC Legislature Visit

Nov 02, '17

The month of September brought feelings of excitement to be back at school. The month of October brought feelings of excitement to the Political Science 11 class due to a visit to the BC Legislature in Victoria on October 3rd. Throughout our visit to the Legislature we received many opportunities to explore and learn not only about Question Period...

Fright Week

Nov 01, '17

As Halloween approached us, Brentwood’s annual Fright Week, hosted by the SAC, was in full swing. Last Tuesday, students were excited to exchange their uniforms for black and orange clothing. That afternoon, everybody enjoyed a barbeque, the funds from which will go towards supporting the service trips to Swaziland and Nicaragua which will take...

Advanced Rock Band

Oct 31, '17

Advanced Rock Band is a fine art primarily reserved for senior students who have experience with their instruments. Any instrument can be utilized in the band, but since the focus is rock, guitars, basses, keyboards and drums are favoured. Over the course of the year, the band will learn and practice rock music from the 60’s to the present day....

Everything is Debatable

Oct 30, '17

Early last Saturday morning, way before most Brentwood students would normally be stirring, 20 members of the Brentwood debate team boarded the school bus for the first debate tournament of the season. We were headed for the University of Victoria. This was a tournament specifically geared toward those debaters who have little or no experience at...

Brentwood vs Cowichan High

Oct 29, '17

This past Thursday the Brentwood Varsity Ice Hockey team faced off against our emerging rivals, Cowichan High, at the Island Savings Centre. The bus bounced around as our music blared and the boys got pumped for the game. As the team stepped on the ice, a wailing siren went off which everyone assumed was just a test of the new goal horn. Thirty...

The Art of Potting

Oct 27, '17

Potting is a messy art, but something magical happens when I set foot into Mrs. Elmes’ pottery studio. It’s like I become a human magnet for all stray particles of clay looking to see the wider world. And no matter how hard I try to walk out clean, I always manage to take some home with me: little smears that I discover during dinner on my pants,...

BCMEA 2017

Oct 27, '17

Every year, the British Columbia Music Teachers’ Association holds a conference in Richmond, BC. For music teachers, this conference presents seminars on new teaching techniques and professional development. For their students, there is also an opportunity for enormous growth and education: the BCMEA honour ensembles. There are five honour...

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