Not so Traditional Photography

Oct 29, '15

Awkwardly fumbling around in the pitch blackness, you desperately squint your eyes making sure you haven’t kept your photo in the fixer for too long, printing photo after photo to get the perfect exposure; these are all challenges an Advanced Traditional Photography student works through on a daily basis. In Advanced Traditional Photography, a...


Aug 14, '15

We all know the sound a camera makes as it captures that perfect image: the little click of the shutter. For many, the image they just froze is of themselves, or their family—it was taken for fun and will only be looked at once or twice. For others though, such as Brentwood’s third year photography students, photographs mean much more. Working...

Traditional Photography

May 04, '15

My first experience in the darkroom entailed a tight chest as I anxiously gripped my sweaty palms only to open my eyes, overcome by a seemingly never-ending path of darkness. From awkwardly reaching around the darkroom, to loading reels, to tearing film, it has all been an incredible experience. Mr. Fletcher, the photography teacher, has taught...

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