A Student Among Pros

Mar 20, '17

On stage, Brentwood’s performers dazzled and charmed with the spectacle of Mary Poppins and its memorable score. It’s easy to recognize the role the singers and dancers played in the show, of course, and the crew’s role is crucial to a successful performance. One performer, however, made her contributions not from behind the scenes, but below...

Robbie K: The Emerging Professional

Mar 14, '17

Robbie K, Whittall ‘19 was recently selected as a finalist in Photographer’s Forum: Magazine for the Emerging Professional’s 37th Annual College & High School Photography Contest. Robbie, also Assistant Stage Manager for Mary Poppins, has had a passion for photography for what seems like forever and has taken part in...

A Musical Marathon

Mar 01, '17

A musical is a butterfly. It metamorphoses from a plan to a work in progress and, finally, to a show. It grows slowly at first, then rapidly, to emerge in full-fledged splendour. In late September, auditions are held and rehearsals begin. Then, March seems so far off, and musical is not foremost in the cast’s mind. In January, momentum...

Reaching for the Stars

Jan 18, '17

“If you reach for the stars, all you get are the stars” but the musical cast has found a whole new spin. “If you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in.” As announced by directors Mrs. Widenmaier, Ms. Blake, and Mr. Newns earlier in the school year, the musical theatre version of Mary Poppins will grace our stage at the beginning of...

Royal Conservatory Gold

Nov 26, '16

Over the November midterm, Brentwood’s Holly CH, Mackenzie ‘17 earned a Gold Medal from The Royal Conservatory for her Level 9 Voice examination mark. Receiving the highest Level 9 mark in British Columbia, Holly was honored at the 2016 Vancouver Convocation & Gold Medals Ceremony. This marks the second time that Holly has been recognised at the...

Willy Wonka Takes to the Stage

Nov 22, '16

The Grade 8’s were nervous and excited to start the Willy Wonka musical. Before we started to practice, we had to audition. All the kids who wanted to take part in having a main role, had to audition. We had to sing the song of the role we wanted to play. The main characters are: Willy Wonka, played by Jack; Charlie Bucket, played by Rohin;...

Arts Captains Announced

Sep 27, '16

The Grade 12s who will be leading their respective arts this year were announced by Mrs. Widenmaier Thursday at Assembly. SEC Arts Rep: Michael G Co-Captain of Drawing & Painting: Brady C Co-Captain of Drawing & Painting: Eve Captain of Foundation Art: Ella MK Captain of Pottery: Keiran MH Captain of Hand Built Pottery: Clare...

Many Musical Emotions

Mar 08, '16

The curtain is closed. The audience has left. The stage is swept. Musical is over, and for some of us it is quintessentially bittersweet. Surely it could be bittersweet for any of the cast and crew, but I am specifically referring to the Grade 12s. No matter if they’re like Caitlin W, Mack ‘16 completing her sixth Brentwood musical, or like...

Stage over Snow

Feb 03, '16

Freshly fallen powder, mostly sunny horizons, beautiful West Coast mountains, and, of course, delicious beavertails were just a few of the highlights of Brentwood’s ski day. Most of the school woke at the ungodly hour of 5am last Wednesday morning to partake in this annual trek to Mount Washington. That is, unless, of course, they’re a Musical...

The Boy Friend is Set

Oct 11, '14

The cast of Brentwood’s 2014-2015 musical, The Boy Friend, has been set. In order of appearance they are: Hortense: Benny Jean C Maise: Holly CH Dulce: Devon W Fay: Jaclyn C Nancy: Emma C Aggie: Caitlin W Polly Browne: Emily B Marcel: Mike G Pierre: Jack H-L Alphonse: Joseph...

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