Human Geography 12

Feb 21, '21

Over the course of the past six months, Mr Carr has turned what you might, at first, think to be just another social studies course filled with kids struggling to stay awake while their teacher mumbled on about some world war, into a fun, interactive course about the politics and geographics of people around the globe. We have had multiple...

Never a Dull Moment In I2B

Feb 19, '21

If you were to ask the average Grade 10 student at Brentwood to draw you a supply and demand graph, I’d bet the majority of them would stare blankly back at you. That is, all the Grade 10 population, minus the 40 or so lucky learners who decided to take Introduction to Business (I2B) this year as their elective. The class is taught by the...

Ms Nasmith - Teacher, Coach, Houseparent, Hiker

Feb 16, '21

Not only is Ms Nasmith a Learning Centre teacher and a Mackenzie Houseparent, but she’s also a close friend and a second mom to many. You should try her lemon squares! She started her Brentwood career in 2016 working part-time in the Learning Centre and as a Socials 11 teacher while doing duty nights in Rogers House and coaching the junior...

Law 12 Rolls On

Feb 03, '21

As the year continues to rush by, the students of Mr Bryant's Law Studies 12 course continue to move at an accelerated pace. The first term ended with us finishing the annual Mock Trial. Now that we have completed the criminal law unit, we will move onto government and constitutional law learning about the legalities and rights within our...

Pupils of Philosophy

Feb 01, '21

If you lie awake at night pondering the question “Are people born inherently good or bad?” or find satisfaction in comparing rosy Jean-Jacques Rousseau to disheartening Thomas Hobbes in their contrasting opinions of the State of Nature, or often enter into discussions with the opening argument “It’s just not quite as simple as that”, then PPE is...

Canadian Geography Awards

Jan 30, '21

For the past 26 years the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the Alex Trebek Foundation have hosted the Canadian Geographic Challenge for elementary and high school students. More than 500 schools across Canada now participate in this competition focusing on geographic literacy skills and new technology. This year the entire junior school and...

Pokemon & A PhD

Jan 22, '21

According to her peers, Ms Legassicke is one of the school’s most accomplished RFAs, and she is the first Residential Faculty Assistant I have interviewed who did not attend Brentwood as a student. As I began to get to know Ms L, I had to start off with basic questions, such as “Where are you from?”, “What high school did you go to?” and “What...

‘Twas the Murder Trial Before Christmas, and All Through the Court …

Jan 09, '21

As a way of initiating Christmas lightheartedness, this blog will be written largely employing appropriately-placed euphemisms. Every year in December, students from the two law classes engage in the highlight event of the term – the mock trial. Ironically hardly ever the subject of mock-ery, students spend weeks learning all they can about...

Mock Trial 2020

Dec 08, '20

On December 2nd the students from both blocks of Mr Bryant’s Law Studies 12 class joined together to perform a mock trial on the murder of Debbie Halloran. The students had spent nearly a month and a half preparing for this event. The mock trial is a crucial part of the Law 12 program and even with the COVID-19 regulations, Mr Bryant was able to...

BC First Peoples 12

Nov 12, '20

BC First Peoples 12 is one of the many amazing courses Brentwood has to offer. It has earned its reputation as one of the most engaging and fun Social Studies 12 programs that can be taken as a senior student here at Brentwood. The class learns many things about Indegenious lifestyle, culture and more. This class is taught by one of...

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