Brentwood’s Learning Centre: The Students’ Perspective

Nov 24, '19

The following is the text of a speech made at Assembly last week by Alice H, Allard ‘21 & Deklon S, Privett ‘20. Hey Brentwood! I’m Alice and I’m Deklon, and we’re here to talk about the Learning Centre program, and how it has helped us. Alice: In 7th grade, I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This is an...

Harvest Season

Oct 14, '19

Unbeknownst to most students, Brentwood has a school garden just a five minute walk away from the school gates. In the past, it has been used minimally, and while it has served those who spend time in it well, it is an area of great unexploited potential. This year, however, Mr McCarthy collaborated with some members of the Brentwood...

Testing Science Eight

Oct 13, '19

On Friday, September 27, the Grade 8s were assigned a task. They needed to create a structure that could withstand an earthquake and, if they wanted, withstand a tsunami. They were given a limited amount of materials, and a time limit. In their small groups, they set out to accomplish their goal. Over the course of a couple of weeks, the 8s...

Horne Lake Caves Adventure

Oct 10, '19

Last Friday the Grade 8s left for Horne Lake to get our hands dirty and explore the Horne Lake Caves. We made sandwiches, got on the bus for a 2-hour drive to Horne Lake, then we were more than ready to have some fun. When we got there, we were split into two groups, then sent off to explore some caves. On the hike to the first cave, we were...

Innovative 8s

Jul 22, '19

Before the year started I was super excited for Innovations 8. I would have the opportunity to learn and use technology in so many different ways. But when I heard what we were doing for our first unit, my excitement dropped. We were going to learn how to use different G-Suite apps. I thought that I had already learned all that I needed in terms...

AP Biology Final Projects

Jul 13, '19

Brentwood is a platform that allows students to innovate and enhance in the field of science. Every year, Mr McCarthy encourages AP Biology students to apply skills we have learned in class to real life. This allows us to develop use of the scientific method and to research like students do in university. The projects this spring ranged from the...

Brentwood & Biodiversity

Jul 01, '19

Below is the text of an speech made to the school by science teacher, Mr Michaal Miller. 1,000,000 was the number... The preliminary summary of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services was released on 6 May, 2019. It was a difficult read. In it was a review of more than 15,000 scientific papers and reports from the...

Brentwood is Doing Something

Jun 15, '19

To add to Brentwood’s climate change strides, the food services team has decided to wipe out plastic. The amazing team that makes all of our meals and prepares our snacks and food when we go on school trips, just stepped it up to the next level. This means that “We are no longer providing juice boxes, Gatorade or water bottles for packed meals for...

Our School Garden

May 27, '19

Not every school offers hands-on classes like environmental sciences, and even fewer schools have access to a garden for students to learn agricultural skills and to be able to get their hands dirty in the soil. Brentwood students are fortunate to have access to a plot of land with a number of garden beds and a fully operating aquaponics system...

BC Cancer Education Day

May 24, '19

Students Book P and Jasleen G had the privilege of being invited to attend the Education Retreat Day at the BC Cancer Agency this past Regatta weekend. The students were able to attend educational seminars presented by senior researchers at the Trev Deeley Research Centre in Victoria. These seminars provided invaluable insight into cancer biology...

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