CB5 is in the Books

Feb 22, '21

As the students of Brentwood returned to campus coming off a refreshing February midterm break, we were met with the usual safety protocols necessary to secure a successful restart to school. As of now everything has run smoothly and everyone’s fingers are crossed that the story remains the same well into the future. These strategies include...

The Brentwood Turf

Feb 18, '21

The Brentwood turf is used daily for a variety of purposes, including athletics, events, and socializing. On arts afternoons and Sundays, many use the turf to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, rowing, and more. Even campus families get involved. Mr Smith’s son, Sebba, observed, “On the turf, you can run real fast!” In 2019 the Brentwood...

Ms Nasmith - Teacher, Coach, Houseparent, Hiker

Feb 16, '21

Not only is Ms Nasmith a Learning Centre teacher and a Mackenzie Houseparent, but she’s also a close friend and a second mom to many. You should try her lemon squares! She started her Brentwood career in 2016 working part-time in the Learning Centre and as a Socials 11 teacher while doing duty nights in Rogers House and coaching the junior...

The Passion is Infectious

Dec 10, '20

The staff member who runs at least a marathon a week. The Allard RFA who could not live without her dog, or coffee. It is my honour to introduce the kind, funny, and motivating, Ms Spencer Manton. Ms Manton is a role model for many young women (and young men) at Brentwood. Her “All Hustle No Hype” mindset is what keeps her going. As a former...

Sports: An Integral Part of Brentwood

Dec 03, '20

Exercise is crucial for our physical and mental health. Whether it’s just a short walk around the block or hours of intense rowing, it will make a difference in your life. Here at Brentwood, we value athletics as a crucial part of our curriculum. Being physically fit helps our students become happy and healthy individuals. Not everyone loves to...

Virtually the Head of the Charles Regatta

Oct 28, '20

The 56th annual Head of the Charles Regatta (HOTC) was certainly an event like no other as hundreds of athletes ranging from high school students to seniors competed virtually from their home waters. Seven Brentwood athletes were invited to compete in the 2020 HOTC regatta in both youth singles and doubles. Competitors from across the world...

Row, Row, Row Your Coastal Boat!

Oct 06, '20

During our absence from school since March, rowers missed nothing more than the grit and joy that comes with the Brentwood rowing community. Since being back amidst Covid-19, rowing this year has been a bit different. Juniors and seniors were split up, and everything has been done within cohorts. For the first two weeks, rowers barely got on...

Grade 8s at Camp Pringle

Sep 11, '20

For the first few days of school, the Grade 8s went to Camp Pringle for three days of fun and bonding experiences with our new classmates and teachers. We participated in both land and water-based activities. The land activities included walking the low ropes and having Mr Stevens and Ms Ramundi soak us with water during a game called...

Monster Erg 2020

Feb 09, '20

Last Sunday, our Brentwood crew took to the ergs at the University of Victoria to race a 2km against many top-notch athletes in the area. This provided the opportunity to watch collegiate and national team athletes compete in riveting neck-and-neck races, which had us all on the edge of our seats. Along with this, we watched a few of Brentwood’s...

Brentwood's Erg Regatta

Jan 26, '20

Although erging isn’t exactly anybody’s favorite thing to do, the Brentwood Erg Regatta creates an incredibly fun environment in which rowers from all over Vancouver Island are happy to compete! It gives our rowers the opportunity to practice applying both their mental and physical strength in a familiar space before getting into the larger and...

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