Covid-19 Adjustments

Mar 26, '20

The virus that has been steadily increasing its international reach is changing our lives in so many ways. Currently at over 400,00 cases worldwide, many cities and countries are in states of emergency, with governments encouraging, and even mandating, social distancing and self-isolation in homes. The crisis came fast, with limited time to...

A Concert to Conclude Term Two

Mar 13, '20

Every year, the Brentwood Wind Ensemble prepares music for competitive concerts that take place in the spring term. This year, Brentwood hosted a mini-concert that included Shawnigan Lake, St. Michael's and Queen Margaret’s. All bands played pieces from their musical ensembles and shared their different skills and harmonic melodies. Buchannon F,...

A Week in Spamalot

Mar 03, '20

Last week, Brentwood’s musical program performed their much-anticipated production of Monty Python’s Spamalot. Preparing since September, the cast and crew members were excited to show us their work through one of the most comedic, enthralling and astounding performances the school has seen yet. The actors led the audience through an imitation...

Java Hut 2020

Feb 23, '20

On Saturday, February 8, Brentwood hosted a very special event called Java Hut. Here, students and staff who have a special talent, such as singing or playing an instrument, could showcase themselves to their classmates and teachers. On the weekend before the students left for their well-deserved midterm break, after five weeks of classes...

Eloquent Rex

Feb 20, '20

There is something inexplicably exciting about seeing something in real life that has previously only been seen on TV. It seems to break some sort of space-time continuum. It is for that reason, and his role as an eloquent Canadian icon, that seeing Rex Murphy speak was so scintillating. With a group of about 20 debaters, we headed to the Mary...

February Midterm

Feb 18, '20

On this long-awaited and well-deserved midterm break, Brentwood’s students and staff have been blessed with the opportunity to de-stress. Whether they are marking papers, catching up on work, or hitting the slopes, now is the ideal time to recuperate after being thrown back into classes, arts, and athletics following winter vacation. Everyone...

Debate Regionals

Feb 13, '20

Debate regionals, the qualifier for the provincial tournament, were hosted at Glenlyon last Saturday. Brentwood’s Debate and Model UN program sent fourteen teams to compete, along with student and staff volunteer moderators, timekeepers, and judges. This tournament serves as a segue from novice to more competitive styles for the beginners. It...

Countdown to Spamalot

Feb 11, '20

As second term at Brentwood comes slowly to a close, knights, minstrels, and Laker Girls alike will put the finishing touches on this year’s Brentwood College School musical: Monty Python’s Spamalot. With opening night soon approaching on February 26th, the cast and crew are busy at work, backed by Mr. Newns and his twenty-piece orchestra....

PMUN Vancouver

Jan 25, '20

With buttoned blazers, poised placards, consistently conciliatory speech everywhere within earshot, and enough Starbucks cups to embarrass a landfill, PacificMUN 2020 weekend, Jan 17-19, kicked off with a horde of 400 delegates. Some seemed apprehensive about their first conference while others were certain they were the most articulate delegate...

Interhouse Mascot Paint In

Jan 23, '20

Having returned from the December Break, students are eager to join classes and contribute to their houses by participating in new interhouse events. This year, students and Mr Luna have organized an event calling artists from every house to showcase their painting skills in the new Interhouse Paint In Challenge. This event requires artists to...

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