8s Launch Towards Camp Thunderbird

Sep 04, '18

Mrs Patel, Ms Ramundi and their Grade 8s will lead the school in many ways again this year. They will, for example, eagerly be the first to enjoy cookie break and lunch in Crook Hall every morning. ;-) This morning at 8:30 they were also the first new students to begin their Brentwood adventure as they loaded onto a yellow submarine and headed...

The Internal Awards Ceremony

Aug 29, '18

Finally, the classes had come to an end and the exam were starting. There was, however, an internal award ceremony to recognise students who excelled in a wide range of areas throughout the school year. These awards includes Academic Colours, Arts Colours, Athletics Coluors, Tripartite Colours and many other individual awards. Academic Colors are...

Fare Well Grads

Aug 28, '18

Friends, it is my pleasure to be here with you today to celebrate this very special occasion for the members of this year’s graduating class and their families. To you, it is clear what we are celebrating today, but for many of us who have been here before, the day demands some measure of reflection to appreciate the true significance of the...

The IT Crowd

Aug 21, '18

The Information Technology Committee usually meets every other Tuesday, when the Heads of IT remember, or think of something to talk about, that is. Noey T, Hope ‘18 and Finn B, Whittall ‘18 are both in charge of keeping the rest of the IT Reps in line - most of the time. Most of the time they want the members to do internet mappings of the house,...

Slam Poetry

Jul 02, '18

Snacks, friends, and wonderfully written poetry. Is there a better way to start off our final month of school? The students who showed up for Brentwood's second Poetry Slam of 2018 would argue probably not. This year's Poetry Captain Ava Nilsson, Allard '18 has taken the initiative to organize two light-hearted and judgement-free poetry events...

VO2 Max

Jun 15, '18

Instead of simply taking notes on the human body’s bioenergetic systems, Mr Amiel’s Grade 12 biology class took a trip to PISE (The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence) in Victoria. After touring the facilities with a guide, the class began to perform tests, and in some unfortunate cases, to be tested on. The aforementioned testing was a...

Provincial Concours!

Jun 11, '18

Three students in our French speaking program took part in the provincial Concours D’art Oratoire at Simon Fraser University campus in Surrey this past April. Felix W, Privett, ‘20, Sophie H, Hope ‘21 and Leila M, Hope ‘19 are part of our French program and each prepared 3 to 5 minute speeches on a subject of their choice over the course of three...

English Elective 10

Jun 10, '18

All students enrolled in English 10 were given the choice of five electives to take for the month of May. There was Kid Lit, Photojournalism, James Bond, Gender Equality, and Scary Stories. The students had a range of feedback about the English 10 Elective. So did the teachers Mr Ganley, the teacher of two of the classes said, “I love the...

Pug Day

Jun 07, '18

On May 25th, Mrs Reynolds took her proud Grade 11 English classes to sit on the Gillespie Field in the sun. Mrs Reynolds brought her pugs to class for the day as a reward. She has two English 11 classes which she puts to competition. Both classes compete for something she calls “Pug Points”. She will give both class a quiz and whichever class...

Play Hard, Study Harder

Jun 04, '18

Three weeks of school are left, two if you exclude a week of final exams. Studying is the top priority for everyone, and the focus is bigger than usual. All year long, teachers instruct Brentonians in many diverse courses. In June, final exams occur; they are assessments for which students have prepared themselves and paid attention in class all...

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