Casino Night @ Ellis

May 30, '18

Every year, Ellis House hosts the best open house of the year with competition and a hint of gambling. Casino Night! Every student who came won: a few won big in Texas Hold’em and the biggest winner was Bronte who won $180,000 in the VIP room. Almost everyone won and had fun making bank, and almost everyone dressed up for the best in suits and...

PARTY Program

May 24, '18

Thanks to the Brentwood Health program, a group of 10th graders recently took a trip to the Cowichan District Hospital to take part in a program called PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth). First, we heard from a doctor about how being impaired while driving can affect you, showing us pictures of some crashes throughout the...

Building for the Future

May 21, '18

After three days at Mlilwane Big Game Park, we picked up our shovels and wheelbarrows and, brick by brick, began erecting the structure that would bring together a rural community. The building would present them with opportunities to take cooking classes to help families become more self sufficient, host board meetings for the high school and...

Pride In Our Alumni

May 10, '18

A couple of months ago an old Brentonian sent OMNI a letter telling them about his interest in the club. Since then, he has bought flags for the club and supported us financially. He was interested in learning more about the club and promised that one day he would come and visit. OMNI stands for open minded non-discriminatory individuals, and...

Dogs of the 48th Regatta

May 08, '18

This weekend was a marvelous display of rowing prowess and entertainment, but we mustn't overlook the canine stars in attendance. Surrounded by excitement, food, and other dogs, they couldn’t have been happier. There was a huge variety of pups present, including plenty of Brentwood dogs such Boris and Finnegan who were out supporting the home...

Student Leadership At Regatta

Apr 27, '18

During the busy weekend of our International Regatta, all Brentwood students participate in various jobs to help out with the busy event. This allows for a sense of leadership and unity in the school; whether you are parking cars, handing out awards, boat washing, or taking photographs, every job has an important role in the Brentwood, and rowing,...

Spring Formal

Apr 25, '18

Brentwood Seniors recently enjoyed a great Spring Formal put on by both the Grad Council and the SAC. This team effort required many meetings, weeks of planning, and numerous hours of organizing and set up. A huge thank you goes out to these student-run clubs for all their hard work, especially Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McLean as their guidance is...

What Does Regatta Mean to Brentwood?

Apr 16, '18

The 48th annual International Brentwood Regatta hosted at Brentwood is an opportunity not only to support our rowing team competing against teams from all over Canada and the U.S., but it is an opportunity to make memories with friends through the events, food booths, and performances that take place during this busy weekend. Regatta brings people...

Swaziland Game Parks

Apr 15, '18

These past two weeks in Swaziland were filled with many incredible memories and places such as the three game parks. We started our trip in Mlilwane. The difference between Milwane and the other parks we visited is that Mlilwane only has antelope and smaller animals, no big herbivores or predators. Because of this we were able to do activities in...

Nicaragua Service Trip 2018

Apr 14, '18

At the beginning of Spring Break, thirteen Brentwood students and two chaperones stepped out of the Managua airport, bleary-eyed from travelling overnight, into a climate totally different from the temperate rainforest of Vancouver Island. A four-hour van ride took us to Monty’s Beach Lodge, in the coastal community of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua, where...

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