Patel Does That … Even When We’re Not Here

May 26, '20

William Camden once wrote, “The early bird gets the worm” and after interviewing Mr Bud Patel last week, I am quite sure Mr Camden was referring to our fearless leader, who prefers coffee over worms. This fresh cup of java will fuel our Head Of School, Mr Patel, to crush us in the upcoming Active Living workouts - but more on that later....

A Feel-Good Story

May 17, '20

There is little inspiration these days; it’s kind of a bummer. Like you, I’m assuming, I spend most of my time sitting around, and am generally bored. I get that everyone is in a similar situation, and for that reason I intend to help lighten the mood. It’s hard to find things to write about, when there isn’t much going on around us, so in lieu...

The Smiths

May 10, '20

One of the families living on the Brentwood campus are the Smiths. Mr Phil Smith is the Allard Assistant Houseparent, as well as one of our fantastic maths teachers. With him is his wife, Dr Maraina Smith who is a family physician, and their three children, Phoebe, Seb, and Ngapera . They plan on growing to a family of seven very soon, as Dr Smith...

BEAT Bottle Drive

May 07, '20

As the Brentwood community shifts into the first weekend of May, the Brentwood Environmental Action Team rests not - for mother nature takes no days off. Earlier in the year, Ms Richardson and her BEAT squad had planned a bottle drive to raise funds to donate to local charities. Brentwood staff and families were meant to bring their...

Adapting and Ascending

May 02, '20

One thing Brentwood students and faculty can probably agree on is we all appreciate having our Saturday mornings free. That, however, does not mean we're all lying in bed until noon. I drove over to the Norman / Richardson home this morning to make a contribution of returnable cans and bottles to contribute to the BEAT’s initiative of raising...

A Guide to a Productive Self Isolation

Apr 28, '20

As we approach the end of our Brentwood school year, many of us have accepted the challenge of staying at home in a joint initiative to ‘flatten the curve’. This action has led to social distancing and prevented many teens from pursuing certain events for entertainment. Initially, I found the task of staying at home very daunting especially...

Passing the Torch

Apr 26, '20

At about this time every year, we Grade 12s start getting it easy. The arrival of senioritis is heightened by accepted university admissions, and the overall understanding that our long and painful grade-school careers are finally coming to a close. Our time of giving back to the school that helped nurture us is dwindling, and we are,...

Earth Day 2020

Apr 24, '20

As Captain of the Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT), I have been anticipating and planning for Brentwood’s Earth Week for months. In just one week, centered around Earth Day, we had planned to hold our annual “Pizza on Patel” energy saving contest, organize local clean ups, host guest speakers, run fun events including hikes, bonfires,...

Coping with Covid-19 in BC

Apr 19, '20

As the Brentwood community prepares for their fifth week of online schooling, there is talk of isolation restrictions being lessened in the coming weeks. That said, nothing is sure just yet, and COVID-19 is still having an immense impact on the world surrounding our school - Mill Bay - and throughout the province. After speaking with some of my...

Countering Covid-19 in Germany

Apr 19, '20

As a student from Germany, I thought it would be interesting for the Brentwood community to read about the measurements Germany has taken to combat Covid-19. By the number of confirmed cases, Germany is one of the most affected countries. With approximately 130,000 cases on April 16, Germany is the country with the fourth most confirmed cases....

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