Headed For the East Coast!

Nov 12, '17

What better way to spend midterm than traveling across the country? For our November Midterm break from November 1-7, 49 Grade 12 Brentwood students, as well as faculty 3 chaperones, flew across the country to the East to visit 14 of Canada’s best universities. The purpose of this trip was to provide us with a first-hand experience of what it...

Day of the Dead Dinner

Nov 11, '17

The Day of the Dead is a famous Mexican holiday that is celebrated throughout the region. This extraordinarily important day is to honor the deceased of family, friends and even neighbours. Some traditions include building altars and bringing the favourite flowers, foods and beverages of the departed. People also bring possessions of the deceased...

Intersquad Intensity

Nov 10, '17

Our last practice before midterm was one full of bright smiles, quick moves, and a fun atmosphere. Every player chomped at the bit to get on the ice to face a friendly foe: an inter-squad game had been organized by the coaching staff, which came with some heavy wagering, talks of double-doubles, and donuts thrown back and forth between the...

BC Cross Country Championships

Nov 09, '17

With stunning vistas of the harbour and West Vancouver, Jericho Beach Park welcomes leisurely visitors; cyclists and runners enjoy its winding, car-free paths; on Saturday, November 4 it also challenged 1100 of the province’s most intense cross country runners with a gruelling 5 km course for the BC High School Championship. Six of those runners...


Nov 08, '17

On a chilly Saturday in October, a business savvy looking team of determined MUNers hopped onto the bus, heels and all, and travelled to Shawnigan to compete with a multitude of other schools at SHAWMUN North. Upon arriving, we strode into our respective conference rooms, where we found our designated stations with our country's flag and the...

Karaoke in the Kaf

Nov 07, '17

It was a typical Thursday evening; Brentwood students and staff strolled into Crooks Hall, expecting another delicious meal. Except … it wasn’t a typical Thursday. Of course, the meal was fantastic, but on the far side of the building was a stage and a computer filled with songs for karaoke. Led by Ravi R, Rogers ‘18, & John E, Rogers ‘18, the SAC...

We Play Daily, Not Weakly

Nov 06, '17

During the past couple of weeks the gym has been regularly filled with our Senior A Girls Volleyball team working hard in preparation for some big upcoming events. This past weekend the team boarded the ferry heading to ISAs in Vancouver. We started the tournament with a very successful first day with four wins over big competition. Major growth...

Nigerian Dinner

Nov 04, '17

“Where the World Comes to School,” Brentwood boasts great diversity across its student body. Students from Nigeria and of Nigerian descent make up one of the larger ethnic groups at the school, and this past Wednesday we had the chance to share our colourful culture and cuisine with the school community. Between 5:15 and 6:30, Crooks Hall...

New to Brentwood

Nov 03, '17

I have to admit, there were a couple nights before coming to Brentwood where I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, trying to ease my anxiety. Even for someone like me who should be used to traveling and changing schools (I’ve switched schools about10 times so far in my life since my family is always moving) the thought of moving to a different...

ABC Legislature Visit

Nov 02, '17

The month of September brought feelings of excitement to be back at school. The month of October brought feelings of excitement to the Political Science 11 class due to a visit to the BC Legislature in Victoria on October 3rd. Throughout our visit to the Legislature we received many opportunities to explore and learn not only about Question Period...

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