Staff vs Student Golf - The John Garvey Cup

Jul 17, '19

On Saturday, June 8th, at the Cowichan Golf Club, the rivalry between staff and students was renewed. 14 brave students ventured forth against the staff, seeking to retain the John Garvey Cup for the 3rd consecutive year. The Cup was contested over 9 holes in a Ryder Cup-style event in which each match was worth a single point. Having suffered a...

Mackenzie House - Reflections of A Lifer

Jul 15, '19

In Grade 8, Mrs Patel had a reading dialogue with each of her students where we discussed the books that we were reading at the time. In it, Mrs Patel gave me a piece of wisdom that I believe applies so well today. On March 29th, 2015, she wrote that “There is a reason why virtually every adult you speak with would not want to return to their...

AP Biology Final Projects

Jul 13, '19

Brentwood is a platform that allows students to innovate and enhance in the field of science. Every year, Mr McCarthy encourages AP Biology students to apply skills we have learned in class to real life. This allows us to develop use of the scientific method and to research like students do in university. The projects this spring ranged from the...

BC AA Provincial Golf Championship

Jul 11, '19

On June 3rd to 5th, the competitive golf team traveled up Island to Qualicum Beach, BC to participate in the BC AA Provincial Golf Championship. The 36 hole tournament was held at Pheasant Glen Golf Club amidst beautiful conditions. This marked the first time in a number of years that Brentwood's competitive golf team had qualified for the BC...

Zero Tolerance

Jul 09, '19

The following is the winner of the Term 2 Melhuish Writing competition in which Grade 9 students were required to write a ballad. Where is my son? The father asked. From screaming he was sore Eyes looked at him behind a mask No one could tell him more. The agents shrugged. One made a call. “Your son’s not coming back,” They threw him...

Debate 2019

Jul 08, '19

Whether you’ve seen them behind the podium, in the classroom, or on the stage, debaters continue to be Brentwood’s emphatic powerhouse for thought-provoking discussion and fierce competition. This year, debate became the school’s largest fine art, with over 100 students enrolled in the course. Every student learned to improve their public...

Inspiring Action and Making a Difference

Jul 05, '19

2018-2019 has been packed full of Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) events giving students and staff the opportunity to take action in order to make a difference in our community. We started off our year with the BEAT bonfire hosted on the waterfront, complete with hot chocolate, smores, and music. Our first project was to set up...

Junior Girls Basketball

Jul 03, '19

Every aspect of the sports community at Brentwood is an inclusive, enjoyable experience, but I can safely say that the Junior Girls Basketball program was the most like family I have experienced with a team so far. Our group was consistent in dedication, spirit, and positive attitude throughout the season. Despite being composed almost entirely of...

Brentwood & Biodiversity

Jul 01, '19

Below is the text of an speech made to the school by science teacher, Mr Michaal Miller. 1,000,000 was the number... The preliminary summary of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services was released on 6 May, 2019. It was a difficult read. In it was a review of more than 15,000 scientific papers and reports from the...

Brentwood’s Symphony Orchestra

Jun 29, '19

As the light’s scintillated and the fog produced by the smoke machine covered the stage, the Brentwood Symphony Orchestra valiantly played Pirates of the Caribbean with precision and elegance as Mr Clausen flawlessly conducted the band for our final performance as a group for 2018-2019. Our musical groups prepared for their separate pieces...

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