Interhouse Mascot Paint In

Jan 23, '20

Having returned from the December Break, students are eager to join classes and contribute to their houses by participating in new interhouse events. This year, students and Mr Luna have organized an event calling artists from every house to showcase their painting skills in the new Interhouse Paint In Challenge. This event requires artists to...

Rocky Mountain Volleyball

Jan 22, '20

Brentwood College Volleyball is pleased to announce the signing of Varsity Assistant Captain Hilary L, Mack ‘20 to The College of the Rockies Volleyball Program. COTR plays in the highly competitive PacWest league in the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association). Hilary will be playing volleyball while pursuing a kinesiology degree....

Pressing The Season

Jan 21, '20

After returning to Brentwood early after a long, well-deserved break, the Brentwood Junior Girls Basketball team kicked off the year with a three-day training camp. Sadly we were missing our boarder teammates so some of Brentwood’s finest junior boys ballers stepped in. Davis P, Whittall ‘23, Kai Y, Privett ‘22 and Ruben R, Privett ‘23 were a huge...

Misadventures in Plastic

Jan 20, '20

As part of science lessons with Mrs Lawrence, this year students are learning about different environmental topics and conducting experiments every Friday during what she calls “Green Fridays”. In Physics 11, we are working on an environmental study project in which we are dealing with the question of how plastic moves in our oceans. The lessons...

University Apps

Jan 19, '20

For some, when it comes time to start thinking about applying to university, it is the moment they have been preparing for years in advance; however, for most, the planning only began at the end of Grade 11 or the start of Grade 12. This time is stressful for everyone, whether you are applying to your dream school or picking a school in general....

A Baroque Experience

Jan 17, '20

It is always an amazing experience to attend a performance by a talented group of musicians, and even better when you do not have to travel to do it! Victoria Baroque is a group of dedicated and skilled musicians. Playing on authentic 17th and 18th century instruments including the harpsichord and violone, they share the distinctive music and...

Around the Rim

Jan 17, '20

This past weekend, the Senior Girls Basketball team opened their season with the Clyde Ogilvie Invitational Tournament, hosted at our very own Foote Center. The purpose of this event was to get to know the other teams in friendly competition, whilst perfecting our game strategies for future tournaments. Exhibitions like this are important to the...

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative

Jan 16, '20

Before the December break, we Grade 9s were presented with an opportunity to have a major impact on our community. The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) gives students a chance to win $5000 to donate to the local charity of their choice. The YPI was created and is funded by The Toskan Casale Foundation. The program was created to connect...

Senior B Volleyball

Jan 15, '20

Starting this term with only five players having played at Brentwood before, we could only hope for a good few months ahead of us. With a fun-filled season, of incredible friendship and leadership, the team bonded and encouraged each other in a positive environment. One of the highlights of our season, besides our one win, was when our shortest...

Term One is Done!

Jan 15, '20

Term one is done! If you can believe that. It’s been over four months since we first set foot on campus, and it hardly feels like it has been that long already. Time truly does fly here at Brentwood. Because of this, here is a recapitulation of some noteworthy events in Term 1. September: The best of times for returning students, and the...

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