Belize Unplugged

Mar 18, '19

When we were first told, before we left, that our electronics such as our phones and computers were going to be taken away for the duration of the trip, there were a variety of responses, however, the majority of reactions were along the lines of “You’re joking”, “No way” and “Over my dead body”. The weeks went by and then we were finally on our...

Swimming in Winter? Why Not?

Mar 16, '19

Since I was a kid swimming in Cinque Terre, Liguria, in Italy has always been - and will always be - a part of my life. I remember the time when my grandma used to bring me to the beach, early in the mornings, with few people around, a crystal clear sky and a shining sun that let the transparent, still untouched water, sparkle. We would go for a...

Where The Streets Have No Names

Mar 15, '19

Belize is stereotyped as a beach resort vacation destination. Those of us on the Brentwood Service Trip, however, saw the realities that most of the Belizeans had to deal with. San Antonio, the village that we stayed in, had a population of 1400 people and only two of the roads had names. Its citizens, however, were constantly surrounded by a...

Wind Musicians at Brentwood

Mar 14, '19

Brentwood is a community that not only promotes acceleration in academics and athletics, but equally in our staggering arts program. One fundamental performing art is our Wind Ensemble. Our ingenious conductor, Mr. Clausen, focuses on challenging students to hone new skill sets and go beyond their limits. At the beginning of the year, we...


Mar 13, '19

Do you remember your middle school P.E. class? Of course you do! Many people look back on their physical education experience with disdain and disgust, wishing that was a period in their life that could be erased from the timeline, never to be spoken of or heard of again. In my opinion, there were always three groups of people in a typical middle...

Careers Day

Mar 12, '19

Near the end of second term, Brentwood hosts Careers Day when alumni of all ages return to campus to speak about and shine a light on many different paths that are possible in university and beyond. From Hollywood set directors, to environmentalists, to social workers, Careers Day covers a wide variety of futures. “It was really inspiring to see...

Ross Cup & Hockey Banquet

Mar 11, '19

The Brentwood Hockey program recently hosted the annual Ross Cup Hockey Tournament. Because of the program’s large numbers and diversity, Brentwood was able to enter three teams, two mixed boys and girls teams in the junior division, and the Varsity team in the Senior. Ross Cup is always a huge accomplishment for the coaching staff, and the team’s...

A Reflection on Time at Brentwood

Mar 09, '19

Friday began Spring Break, the second installment of the great escape from the confines of boarding school. And although that splendid day has been long awaited, for me, it is the first major break since passing the halfway milestone of my career at Brentwood College. It’s bizarre to think I have made it this far, but it’s even harder to...

Kindness Week

Mar 09, '19

It’s the one thing we have been told to be our whole lives, yet remains shockingly undefined: kindness. To kickstart the inclusive atmosphere of our kindness week, Mr. Luna gave a talk on the somewhat ambiguous definition of what it is to be kind. He unpacked the idea that it is both “natural”, and “vulnerable” to offer equality in the act of...

Pinned Pressure Points

Mar 08, '19

Have you ever wanted to roll around with another person, sweaty and gasping for breath as you think of your next move, the tension of a wrong move conceding any advantage you may have built? Would you like to be able to get out of a submission and hold your opponent down as quickly as a cheetah? Luckily for you, there’s a Brentwood sport for...

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