Alex/Whittall Bonding & Pizza

Sep 28, '20

On Sunday, September 20th, the ladies of Alexandra House and the gents of Whittall got together for pizza and bonding. Pizza was served with salad and drinks and members of both houses mixed and mingled while having quite the dinner with housemates and friends - while socially distanced of course. The events that have taken place within the...

Covid Boarding Life

Sep 28, '20

Once the thought of students piling through the Brentwood gates began, many new COVID standards were put into place. Now that the first two covid-free weeks have passed, everyone has managed to settle into their dorms and are adjusted to their new roommates, like a home away from home. Social distancing - which included no hugging or touching at...

New Year, Different Run, Same Spirit

Sep 27, '20

Last Sunday hundreds of Brentwood students took part in the annual Terry Fox Run. This year is the 40 year anniversary of the famous “Marathon of Hope,” where 21-year-old Terry Fox, with an amputated leg due to bone cancer, ran a marathon every day on his trek across Canada. In honour of his achievements, Brentwood and other schools and...

Brentwood’s Avid Athletes and their Augmented Anticipation for Athletic Action

Sep 27, '20

As the early fall sun floods the campus with radiant golden light, the fields, gym, and waterfront are all busy with students returning to their first term sports. While no official competitions are on the horizon yet, the athletes have been keen to get back into their seasons, and revamp their technical and tactical abilities in their chosen...

Camp Brentwood

Sep 26, '20

As our Brentwood students returned to campus, a new addition to the Orientation and back to school process was introduced. Camp Brentwood. Our boarding students have been quarantined on campus in their house cohorts with no access to their beloved outside world, the aptly named “Uptown”. Without early morning coffee runs or sushi dinners, it...

Grit, Joy & Kayaking in the Rain

Sep 26, '20

On Wednesday September 23rd, the Grade 8 class went for their first kayaking PE class with lead instructors Mr Norman and Mr Thompson. We kayaked off the Brentwood docks and went to the left of the school all the way to The Mill Bay estuary that you can walk to via the road north of the school. We learned there is an old, abandoned fish...

Uptown Freedom Day

Sep 25, '20

The first students begin to arrive back on campus on Monday, September 7. Since then, with the arrival of international borders, Canadian borders, and finally BC boarders and day students on Thursday, September 10, the school has been engaged in the euphemistically named “Camp Brentwood”. Under this COVID-19 mitigation strategy, boarders...

Getting Older Every Day

Sep 25, '20

Friday the 18th of September was a special day to remember for Brentwood’s Grad Class of 2021 as we celebrated our first official Grad event of the year, Kindergarten Day. Sporting bright colors and mismatched socks, the grads were able to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on how much each of us have achieved since our first day of school....


Sep 24, '20

On Friday September the 11th, the long awaited in-person classes started up. Classrooms all over campus were alive once again, and they were full of students eager to learn while maintaining all the new Covid-safe protocols. Over the past six months, changes had to be made in order for students to make their way back to Brentwood. One of the...

Women Coaching Women

Sep 23, '20

As the fall term sports kick off, we are fortunate to welcome a new Girls’ Rugby coach along with it. The girls are thrilled to have Ms Marchuck join the Brentwood community as they learn from her experience and skills. As a player on Team Canada, Ms Marchuk has participated in six World Cups in three codes. Her remarkable experience is an...

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