Farewell, For Now, From the Academic Prefect

Jul 09, '20

The following address was delivered at the School's final assembly of the 2019-2020 academic year in early June, 2020. I would like to say, being that this is my last assembly with you guys, how grateful we are for all of the effort our staff and administration puts in to make this our school. For so many, education has fallen by the wayside...

Farewell, For Now, From the Arts Prefect

Jul 07, '20

The following address was delivered at the School's final assembly of the 2019-2020 academic year in early June, 2020. Last night I was thinking about what to put in this final speech, and I did not know where to start. I didn’t know whether or not to make it about the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, the experiences I’ve had, or the...

Farewell from Wendy Haslam

Jul 05, '20

The following address was delivered at the School's final assembly in early June, 2020. All you students, not me, are the center of attention when you come into the laundry, so bear with me. Wow where has the time gone? During my 31 years at Brentwood I have worked under three Heads of School. Mr Bill Ross - love that man - brought honor...

Hope House Memories

Jul 03, '20

At Brentwood, it’s no secret that every student creates lifelong memories within their houses. A house that may mean very little to you when you first arrive, eventually becomes the most important part of the Brentwood experience. There’s one house that I believe stands out from all the rest - literally. It's new and very far from all the other...

Carpe Argillum

Jul 01, '20

All I ever talk about is pottery as you all know, and today will not be any different. Today I want you to think about the lessons that clay can teach us. We often talk about the importance of resilience - the ability to come back and even thrive after going through a journey of tough times and difficult circumstances. Let’s look at clay as an...


Jun 29, '20

“Congratulations Graduates of 2020”. I have seen it on billboards, in shop windows, and on various other platforms typically reserved for different messages. These sentiments are an attempt to make up for the aspects of our graduation that have been cancelled or postponed, and I believe that they come from a place of kind sympathy. However, when I...

A Valediction

Jun 26, '20

Hello, family, friends, faculty, staff, students, Grads and Grade 8s. Today, I have the honour of representing the Graduating Class of 2020 on our final day as Brentwood students. It’s been a wild past few months in virtual lockdown, and, honestly, this was never how I saw myself finishing my high school career, but just as we’ve all made the most...

From the Grad Class President 2020

Jun 24, '20

At the beginning of the year, the 2020 Grad class set a goal to raise $10,000 for an endowed bursary fund in our name. This bursary fund will be given as financial assistance to a student every year in perpetuity. Not only have we, the class, been working towards this goal, but assistance from parents through the Annual Giving Donations have...

Head Prefect's Address, Closing Day 2020

Jun 20, '20

Hi everyone, students, grads, families, friends, faculty and anyone else who may be watching. Welcome to my vlog! I really think that’s the only appropriate thing to call “this,” as I’m dressed up and made up only to be in sweats within minutes of delivering this message. Further qualifying this as a vlog is the fact that I really don’t know...

Douglas Fir Fanatics

Jun 17, '20

Ancient stands of old-growth Douglas Fir trees are among the most renowned icons of British Columbia’s West Coast. For centuries, these huge trees have been the backbone of BC’s logging industry, but today, over 85% of Vancouver Island’s original ancient forests have been slashed down and turned into lumber, or disposable paper and wood products....

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