A Hope House Hug

Jan 27, '21

Hope House has been an abundance of laughter, a surplus of social distancing struggles, and a bounty of gratitude since we have arrived back. From the start of our online house meeting on January 14th, to the second all of us walked back into our second home on January 17th, the energy has been building. It has been almost a month since we have...

Girls Hockey

Jan 26, '21

The girls' hockey program is going strong this year and has had its best enrollment ever with 17 players currently registered. A unique aspect of this group is the wide range of skills within the group - the 17 players include girls who are novice skaters and have never played hockey before, as well as girls who would compete for a spot on the...

The Place To Be

Jan 25, '21

Brentwood has so many incredible amenities that make it where students choose to be. McNeill’s Cafe is one of the places that brings so much to our school. McNeill’s is the place to be on afternoons during arts blocks or before sports. Brentwood students love it because “It’s really fun to go and hang out there when it’s cold and you can meet...

Returning to Brentwood After Graduation

Jan 24, '21

We welcome Samantha Pearse into Alex House as our new RFA; we are all very excited to have her here. Ms Pearse was born in Vancouver and grew up in Kamloops. When she was ten, her cousin started at Brentwood, and Samantha was immediately obsessed and begged her parents to let her go as well. In 2011 Ms Pearse joined Brentwood as a...

Murder Mystery: Dying Around the Christmas Tree

Jan 23, '21

Against the backdrop of a bright winter day, a spectacularly attired array of murder suspects circulated warily through the multipurpose rooms of the Foote Centre, questioning one another as they sipped cranberry ginger ale. A series of clues and mysterious objects were hidden throughout the two rooms in which the crowd circulated. A group of...

Pokemon & A PhD

Jan 22, '21

According to her peers, Ms Legassicke is one of the school’s most accomplished RFAs, and she is the first Residential Faculty Assistant I have interviewed who did not attend Brentwood as a student. As I began to get to know Ms L, I had to start off with basic questions, such as “Where are you from?”, “What high school did you go to?” and “What...

The Infallible Junior Footballers

Jan 21, '21

When you think of Junior Boys Soccer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, it could be the combination of speed and skill possessed by Avik B. For others, it is the sheer quad strength and shot power of none other than Youki I, and for a small number, it is Davis P. This year, we saw it all. Although we were not able to play in...

Snowball Art Show: A Very Special Addition

Jan 20, '21

Over the past few weeks, Brentwood has had the very special opportunity of housing a collection of works from Canadian artist David Blackwood in the Southam Gallery of the Arts Building. These works were front and center during the Art Show, hosted by Mr and Mrs Luna, which was held during Snowball. On Saturday, each learning group had about half...

An Atypical Saturday Night

Jan 19, '21

No snow? No problem. On Saturday December 12, Snowball was held throughout the Brentwood campus. Snowball was yet another event that required adjustments due to Covid-19, but it was still quite the night to remember. Covid forced everyone to stay in cohorts, but by now we’re used to this - so no surprise. Each cohort had a different schedule,...

Junior Colts Rugby

Jan 18, '21

Mr Smith, Mr Fisher, and I could not have been more pleased with the infectious enthusiasm exhibited by our Junior Colts this fall. Although many were very new to the game, they all dove into the experience with gusto despite the mitigations limiting us. Without the pressure of preparing the boys for contact situations, scrums, and lineouts, we...

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