How Giving Helps

Each generation of Brentwood students has inherited a significantly more enhanced campus, largely as a result of generous support from our community. Gifts also help worthy students gain access regardless of whether or not their family can manage the entire fee. Donations directly benefit all students. The great school is the supported school, and a gift to Brentwood is an investment now and into its future.

Members of our growing community have helped transform the Brentwood campus and provide opportunities to Brentonians. Here are the fascinating stories of some of these generous and visionary people.

Art and Mary Jane CrooksPip and Catherine HolmesAllard Foundation
Meredith BursaryCampbell TrustBruce Saville
Michael Audain

“I wholeheartedly attribute my successes to the nurturing environment in which I have been surrounded. The progression I have made academically, athletically, and socially is all due to Brentwood. Donations to financial assistance have allowed me and many others to have access to this life changing experience. My family and I cannot show enough appreciation for this.” - Grade 12 Bursary Recipient

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