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Thank you for choosing to support Brentwood College School. Your gift can have an immediate impact whether it is directed to the Brentwood College School Association or the Brentwood College Foundation.

Funds directed to the Association will be directed to needs for the current school year.

Funds directed to the Foundation become a part of our school endowment that is permanently invested and generates funds used by the School every year.


Association Funds

  • Head's Discretion - as needs arise and the Head of School determines during the course of the school year
  • Bursary Now Fund - distributed for student bursaries for the next school year
  • Building Fund - directed to the next capital project
  • Fine Arts - directed to funding for the extensive arts programs
  • Restricted - support an area that resonates with you, i.e. Musical Theatre, Travel Bursaries, etc


Foundation Funds

  • Old Brentonian's Trust - the income from this fund established by alumni is to provide financial assistance for qualifying sons and daughters of alumni
  • De Manu In Manum - provides four concurrently enrolled students with full-fee assistance based entirely on financial need
  • Rowing Endowment Fund - the umbrella for three boat funds - the Tony Carr Heavyweight Boat Fund (2003), the John L. Queen Lightweight Boat Fund (2008), and the Senior Girls' Legacy Boat Fund (2010). The goal for these funds., established by Old Brentonians and their parents, is to purchase a new shell for each of these respective programs every three years, using the interest from the fund combined with the resale value of the current boat.
  • Rugby Fund - provides financial assistance to worthy athletes
  • Grad Class Endowment Funds - provides financial support to worthy students
  • Click to see list of named endowment funds


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