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The implementation of a ten-year strategic plan will continue to position Brentwood as a school of the future through our ongoing commitment to innovative curriculum development, cooperative learning and teaching methods adapted to the 21st century learner.  Our commitment to a full boarding program will develop life-long skills for future leaders by inculcating independence, collaboration and a global mindset.

Brentwood operates effectively on fee revenue.  However, in order to upgrade facilities, establish an endowment that provides the necessary financial assistance for worthy students, and offset the cost of leading-edge programs, Brentwood must fundraise.

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“Brentwood is well positioned to be the torch of learning now and into the future. If we harness the energy of the entire Brentwood family, our flame will continue to light the path forward.” Bud Patel, Head of School

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Mill Bay in BC, Canada
Contruction of the New Girls Boading House

New Turf Field

Aligned with Brentwood’s 2013-23 Strategic Plan, the next phase in campus development is to secure the balance required to complete the 50m x 70m night lite training turf. The turf field will be adjacent to the 65,000 sf Foote Centre and rounds out the development of sport and physical activity facilities for Brentwood College School.

Financial Assistance

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Providing financial assistance to worthy students significantly enhances the school’s ability to attract and retain the most promising students, regardless of their families’ financial circumstances.  In turn, these students elevate everyone’s Brentwood experience in all aspects of school life.  This year, one student in five receives financial support. 

Bursary Now: your gift will have an immediate impact on a current student who would not be able to attend without support, thus helping us keep our school accessible to a broad range of worthy students.

Endowment: While specific funds within the Brentwood Foundation support programs, such as Brentwood’s Learning Centre, the cost of shells for the rowing program and technical theatre equipment for the performing arts, the majority of endowed funds provide financial assistance. The Brentwood endowment of $1.2 million in 2002 now stands at over $18 million. The goal, established in 2000, is $20 million by 2020. For more information about giving to endowment, or to find out about establishing your own named bursary fund, contact Chris Spicer.

Annual Giving Priorities

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Unrestricted gifts to the 2018-2019 Annual Giving campaign will help support the following priority initiatives:

  • Artificial Training Turf: This 50m x 70m night lite training turf is adjacent to the 65,000 sf Foote Centre and rounds out the development of sport and physical activity facilities for Brentwood College School. Fundraising continues in order to secure the balance required to complete the turf project.
  • B4B - Brentwood for Brentonians - to continue growing the Old Brentonian Trust fund, four Old Brentonians have committed to a matching gift campaign. Our goal is to grow this fund to allow children/grandchildren of alumni to attend Brentwood should they need financial assistance.
  • Student Financial Assistance: Brentwood provides one in five students with financial assistance, ensuring Brentwood fosters a diverse student body and provides opportunities for deserving candidates.
  • Faculty Development: People are Brentwood's greatest asset.  As such, Brentwood seeks to empower teachers, coaches, and arts instructors to implement innovative techniques and course design.  Professional development opportunities and continuing education are essential as we strive towards our vision to set the standard globally for inspirational and transformative learning.
  • 21st Century Learning: Brentwood is committed to implementing a progressive classroom design, furnishings, and integrated technology that support vibrant discussion, debate, discovery, movement, group learning, and multimedia.  
  • Residential Life: Boarding is central to Brentwood and we endeavour to provide a world-class boarding experience.  Residential Life programming extends beyond the dorm walls and includes leadership and character building elements, Strathcona Park camp for grade 9 students, Leadership Training for grade 11, health and wellness education, peer counselling, and the list goes on.
  • Programmes: Donations to the annual giving campaign help enhance our tripartite programming across the campus.  Theatre equipment, rowing shells, athletic trainers/physiotherapists, special guest speakers, and robotics equipment are among the many valuable programmatic dimensions made possible by annual gifts to Brentwood.

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