Brentwood College Foundation

A registered not-for-profit charitable organization incorporated under the British Columbia Society Act, the Foundation ensures the long-term growth of endowment funds to make certain that Brentwood remains accessible to deserving students. It is administered by a Board of Directors appointed from within the Governors of the Brentwood College Association.

At a time when Brentwood must focus, by necessity, on replacing essential campus facilities and teaching spaces, we are also placing a priority on increasing our endowment to provide financial assistance for families that need help with tuition in perpetuity.  In the 2018-2019 school year, over 20% of students are on some form of financial assistance.  That's what endowment is all about, and we've made great progress since the Foundation was established. In 2000, the Brentwood College Foundation was established when designated funds totaling $500,000 were transferred from Brentwood College School, to which other accumulated funds were added in subsequent years. Through the generosity of many, complemented by a solid investment portfolio, the Foundation has grown to over $18 million as of June 2018. The Board of Governors' long-term vision of a $20 million endowment by 2020 is on track.

The generous support of the Allard Foundation and the Highbury Foundation established the Allard Family Bursary, which provides financial assistance to students who would otherwise be unable to attend Brentwood College.

Some of the other named funds in the Brentwood College Foundation are:

  • Pip and Catherine Holmes Bursary: financial assistance to deserving students, with the intent of inspiring future generations of Holmes scholars to become leaders ready to serve the communities of which they are a part.
  • David Mackenzie Bursary Fund: provides financial assistance for students who have demonstrated athletic and academic potential.
  • William T. Ross Bursary Fund: provides financial assistance for an impressive citizen who would otherwise be unable to attend Brentwood.
  • T. Gil Bunch Bursary Fund: provides financial assistance for students who have demonstrated artistic and academic potential.
  • De Manu In Manum Trust Fund: will ultimately provide four concurrently enrolled students with full-fee assistance based entirely on financial need.
  • Old Brentonians Trust: the income from this fund established by alumni is intended for financial assistance for qualifying sons and daughters of alumni.
  • Rowing Endowment Fund: the umbrella for three boat funds - the Tony Carr Heavyweight Boat Fund, the John L. Queen Lightweight Boat Fund, and the Senior Girls' Legacy Boat Fund.  The goal for these funds, established by Old Brentonians and their parents, is to purchase a new shell for each of these respective programs every three years, using the interest from the fund combined with the resale value of the current boat.  The Tony Carr Boat Fund was established in 2003, the John L. Queen Boat Fund in 2008, and the Senior Girls' Legacy Boat Fund in 2010.
  • Rugby Club Endowment Fund: provides financial assistance to worthy athletes.
  • Diana and Andrew Rahme Technical Theatre Fund: endows ongoing theatre equipment needs.

In addition, 20 private family funds have been established to provide financial support for worthy students.  To find out more about these funds, or about starting your own named fund, please contact Chris Spicer.

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