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At a time when Brentwood must focus, by necessity, on replacing essential campus facilities and teaching spaces, we are also placing a priority on increasing our endowment to provide financial assistance for families that need help with tuition in perpetuity.  In the 2020-2021 school year, over 20% of students are on some form of financial assistance.  That's what endowment is all about, and we've made great progress since the Foundation was established. In 2000, the Brentwood College Foundation was established when designated funds totaling $500,000 were transferred from Brentwood College School, to which other accumulated funds were added in subsequent years. Through the generosity of many, complemented by a solid investment portfolio, the Foundation has grown to over $20 million as of June 2020. The Board of Governors' long-term vision of a $20 million endowment by 2020 is complete.


In addition, several private family funds have been established to provide financial support for worthy students.  To find out more about these funds, or about starting your own named fund, please contact Chris Spicer.

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