Student Impact Fund

The Student Impact Fund forms the backbone of all of our fundraising efforts and provides our entire community with the opportunity to contribute annually. This collective support provides a vital source of annual funding to Brentwood, for while the School runs on fees, in order to expand campus facilities and offer support to deserving students, we have to raise additional funds. This program has been running for 15 years and over that time we have raised over 7 million dollars and supported over 1500 students with financial aid.

Please join our community of donors with a contribution to the 2019-2020 Student Impact campaign.  Your donation will make a difference and impact the students of today and tomorrow.  Every Gift Counts!

2019-20 House Challenge

Since the early days of 1923, Brentwood has always had boarding houses. Over the past 9 decades, houses have come and gone. Today's Brentwood has eight boarding houses, four girls and four boys and this year we've decided to put a little "fun" into our fundraising by introducing a House Challenge!

How Does it Work?

Every person who donates to the Student Impact Fund will receive one point for the boarding house they are affiliated with (regardless of gift size). For example, if your family is affiliated with Rogers House, then you would receive one point for Rogers, upon receipt of your donation (you can only donate once!).

The house that has the highest number of donations will be featured in the 2020 Brentonian magazine, have serious bragging rights...and the students and staff that are affiliated with that house will be acknowledged in a special way...stay tuned! The house challenge will run until mid-June, 2020 and Hope House is looking VERY strong.

So please make your donation today and let the games begin!!!

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Giving Programs

Brentwood’s remarkable success and growth over the past six decades has been the combination of outstanding leadership, a student community that has responded to the school’s unique program, and a remarkably dedicated faculty and staff.  In response to the outcome of a Brentwood education, generations of parents, grandparents, Old Brentonians and friends of our school have been extraordinarily generous.

While tuition fees cover the cost of school operations, charitable gifts provide the much-needed support for student financial assistance, new and upgraded facilities, and help offset the costs of Brentwood’s leading-edge programs.

You can help support Brentwood through one of our Student Impact Fund initiatives, Capital Giving or Planned Giving.

Student Impact Fund Initiatives
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