T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts

The T. Gil Bunch Centre is a 20,000 sq.ft. facility which includes a 431 seat theatre, dance studio, media arts room, green room, four dressing rooms, and other production related spaces as well as a music suite.

Although the Bunch Centre is primarily a teaching, learning, and performance space for Brentwood students, the specialist nature of the facility has created opportunities for the community such as attending a multitude of performances and renting the space for community shows and events.

Facility Features

Theatre Lobby
Exterior Grounds
Killy Theatre
Balcony of the Theatre

Our theatre can be used to stage straight drama, musical theatre, music and dance concerts. The stage has a sprung floor and an orchestra pit lift which can be moved to one of three levels. The theatre is outfitted with state of the art sound, communications, video and stage lighting systems, and motorized acoustical banners to enable the audience chamber to be acoustically tuned for voice or music. The catwalk system over the audience chamber and the stage allows access for stage lighting, stage draperies, and scenery.

The dance studio features a sprung floor, full length mirrors, ballet barres, and built-in sound and video systems.

Designed to support a technical theatre course, the Asper Media Arts Room is a large multi-purpose space that can be used for both band rehearsals and media production. It is cabled for recording and electronically connected to the theatre systems. The spacious lobby and additional classroom space also support our comprehensive performing arts program.

The Killy Theatre

The stage is 40 metres wide and 10 metres deep, including wing space. When the orchestra pit lift is at its elevated position at stage level, it provides an additional 4 metre thrust on the stage.

Other theatre features include:

  • Direct access to the stage from balcony level
  • Sprung stage floor suitable for dance performances
  • Motorized acoustical banners to enable the audience chamber to be tuned for voice or music
  • Full set of draperies including cyclorama, scrim, and coloured main drapes
  • Full backstage production facilities
  • Catwalk system over the audience chamber and stage allowing access for stage lighting, draperies, and scenery.


T. Gil Bunch riding a bike at Brentwood College Boarding School
T. Gil Bunch

The T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts honours Brentwood's Assistant Headmaster and teacher of English Literature and Drama from 1961 to 1993.

We are very grateful to those who helped make this facility a reality. Our community has been enriched as a result.


Thanks to the generosity of George Killy and our many supporters, the T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts has made a huge impact on our school. Each week, students and staff gather to celebrate and reflect on our human experience in words, dance, music, drama, and film. Students in our performing arts program are learning to dance, act, make music, and perform while gaining hands-on experience in technical production in this highly professional venue.

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