Art and Mary Jane Crooks Hall

Crooks Hall is our oceanfront dining room and student services centre. This West Coast facility is designed to be warm, welcoming, and environmentally responsible.

For students, it is a one-stop social experience and the heart of campus where everyone can eat, relax, socialize, buy school supplies, pick up laundry, and host meetings or special events. Students also learn important business skills in the Saville Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship classrooms located on the lower level.

  • Designed to preserve the views from the Bunch Performing Arts Centre, Crooks Hall also provides a stunning ocean panorama that includes Mt. Baker, the marina, and the bay. 
  • Crooks Hall anchors the south end of the campus, forming the southern boundary to the pedestrian spine and Campbell Common.
  • A new transportation hub to the west of the dining hall and student centre reinforces a pedestrian-first campus while also enabling all off-campus trips to depart from Crooks Hall under a covered and secure area. Deliveries can be completed without disruption to instructional spaces.
  • The northern portion of the building overlooks Campbell Common, an attractive green space where students can play ball or Frisbee, enjoy informal gatherings, and connect to the oceanfront Millennium Trail.

Main Level

  • The dining room is a bright, open, welcoming space which seats 350 people at rectangular tables. The table layout optimizes space, accommodating staggered breakfasts and dinners as well as lunches for more than 430 people in 25 minutes.
  • The Duncan and Verda McNeill Student Centre is adjacent to the dining room and has a movable partition between the two spaces. It provides an informal area for daily use while allowing expansion to 500 people for special events. The space is furnished with comfortable couches and round tables and includes a dance floor, fireplace, and mini kitchen. It also has a built-in sound system, wiring for heavy electrical loads and TV and movie projection, rails and wiring for stage lighting, wireless internet connection, laptop plug-ins, and a piano.
  • A patio overlooking the ocean opens off both the dining room and McNeill’s and provides outdoor eating in warmer weather.
  • Opening off the main dining room to the south is the Livingston Conference Room which has spectacular ocean views and a small adjoining patio. This room provides table seating for 20-24 people during mealtime meetings. The space also includes a mini kitchenette, a built-in projection screen and projector wiring, and outlets for laptops and phone jacks.
  • Covered entry and exit areas include student backpack storage, a menu board, and noticeboard/display area.
  • The servery space provides 600 sq.ft more space, minimizing congestion and maximizing efficiency.
  • The modern and well equipped kitchen and food storage area is designed for staff to efficiently prepare and serve meals.

Lower Level

  • The Saville Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship is comprised of two spacious classrooms overlooking the ocean and equipped with SmartBoards and wireless internet, separated by a modern office space. There is also a large seminar room.
  • School Store
  • Laundry and Mail Services

Environmental Features

  • Built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold standards.
  • Construction targeted for a minimum of 75% waste diversion from landfills.
  • Examples of the energy conservation measures integrated into the building include:

    • Expanded geothermal system: our geothermal installation is a heat exchanger which was placed in the ocean in front of the building before we began construction. Energy gathered from the ocean is then piped into the building to provide heating and cooling (which also reduces annual operating costs).
    • Heat recovery wheels: Heat created in the building is mixed with fresh air and redirected to other parts of the building.
    • Grey water heat recovery: Heat is recycled from water used in the kitchen and laundry areas.
    • Automatic lighting controls: Occupancy sensors and 3-stage lighting controls minimize energy consumption.
    • Nocturnal pre-cooling: Outside air brought in during the night cools the building before it is used in the morning.
    • On-site bioswales: Landscaped areas in the parking lots naturally filter parking areas.
    • Reduction of water consumption and heating costs through the use of dual flush toilets and low-flow fixtures.

  • During the design process we gave preference to regional materials in order to reduce carbon emissions associated with material transportation.
  • A healthy indoor environment through the selection of low emitting finishes throughout.
  • The exterior and interior lighting design minimizes light pollution and improves night sky access.
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