Centre for Art and Humanities

“I love the Centre for Art and Humanities. The natural light, space, and views from the new studios are inspiring my creativity!” – Grade 11 2D Art student

The south side of the building

The building includes eight humanities classrooms located within a visual arts facility: a multi-disciplinary concept that is rooted in our educational philosophy. By intent, each student interacts with the working spaces and galleries of our visual artists while attending courses in Languages, History, Geography, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Comparative Government, and Art History. 

The following features are available in this 30,000 sq. ft. waterfront facility:

  • 16,000 sq. ft. of visual art studios built specifically for the needs of the drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, photography, and videography programs that have been developed since 1961 on the Mill Bay campus.
  • A Makerspace including 3D printing and woodworking available to arts and academic classes.
  • A robotics space for both arts and academic classes.
  • Two digital media studios for graphic design, CAD, digital film, photo, and multi-media courses. 
  • A spectacular 25’ high entrance gallery leading to a corridor with asymmetric walls, giving emphasis to student art work. By design, it is not immediately apparent from the entrance gallery that this exciting learning experience is anything other than a visual arts centre.
  • A number of sustainability measures integrated into the building design to support our mandate of green facilities management. Recovered storm-water is used for toilets and irrigation. Wind and solar energy sources supplement the main grid hydro. Oriented for natural ventilation, the passive wind and solar heating and cooling systems are supplemented by a closed ocean geothermal loop.
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The main gallery
The outside of the Centre for Art and Humanities
One of the art studios
A classroom in the Arts Centre
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