Boarding Houses

All of our eight boarding houses are situated to provide easy access to our arts, sports, and academic facilities. The houses are also grouped in close proximity to each other, allowing students the opportunity to socialize with friends and siblings. Each of these buildings has been newly renovated during the past five years.

We have four boarding houses for girls (Alexandra, Mackenzie, Allard, and Hope) and four boarding houses for boys (Privett, Ellis, Rogers, and Whittall). Houseparents and assistant houseparents occupy adjoining suites in each of the houses with their families and pets.

Dorm RoomsInterhouse
The heart of Brentwood campus

Nurtured and inspired, I have grown from a small town girl to a young woman ready to explore the world by coming here. Aside the calm ocean I have embraced challenge, as has the special group of 25 girls who live with me. And although I am far from them now, my parents have given me the greatest gift I could ask for: the gift of opportunity. - current student Charlotte D.

Brentwood Logo
Alex Houseparents
Rogers Houseparents
Two boarding students in a dorm
Several teams involved in the eco challenge
A dance hosted in the student centre
A Brentwood student at Mount Washington
The area outside Alex House
A faculty member with students
Two friends at the eco challenge
Rogers Allard celebrating at fun and games night


Our houses accommodate between twenty-four to fifty-six students who are cared for by houseparents, assistant houseparents, and duty staff. These buildings are modern, wireless, and comfortable with kitchen areas, internet access, televisions, and common areas for socializing with friends from other houses. Each house has its own character and unique traditions that inspire  pride and loyalty while fostering lifelong friendships.

Our Orientation Program at the beginning of every school year eases the transition for new boarding students and their families. We take great pride in welcoming new boarders to our school from the moment they arrive at the front gates. 


A student with thier Houseparent

Houseparents and assistant houseparents play a constant role in our students'  lives by residing in the boarding houses, teaching classes during the morning, and coaching sports in the afternoons.

The role of the houseparent and the assistant is to work in partnership with parents and oversee the daily life of every student in the house. Many houseparents have an open door for students to ask for advice or to simply share a laugh after a busy day.

Graduates often stay in touch with their former houseparents and can attest to the positive role they played in their adolescent development.

Dorm Rooms

A dorm at Brentwood

At Brentwood every boarding student has a roommate, usually in the same grade, with whom they share a dorm room. The majority of rooms are double occupancy. After their first year at Brentwood, roommates often choose to continue rooming together.

While the school provides all of the basic furniture, students may add chairs, fridges, and other personal items to their rooms. Students take great pleasure in decorating their rooms to create personal spaces on campus.


Eliis Mack enjoying interhouse competition

In the spirit of friendly and respectful competition, we have a strong tradition of interhouse events. Every student is assigned to a competitive house with the boys' and girls' houses paired together: Rogers-Allard, Whittall-Alex, Mackenzie-Ellis, and Hope-Privett.

Throughout the year we have interhouse competitions that encompass social, athletic, and academic areas of the school. To be frank, any type of competition is vulnerable to inclusion in our annual interhouse schedule. The potential for hilarity, outstanding performances, and genteel sportsmanship is unlimited. 

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