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Brentwood is a boarding school, not simply a school with boarding. Boarding is not an afterthought on our campus; it is the very heart of this school. Our community is special, defined by a culture of inclusion and empowerment. Students learn to become young adults in a contemporary setting, surrounded by caring friends and mentors, in relationships that last well beyond their years at Brentwood.

Our Boarding Life Initiative is complex, vibrant, and holistic and includes our advisor system, houseparenting teams, prep (homework time), house events, outings, and activities as well as peer counseling. We invest time and energy in creating a vibrant and supportive environment in our eight boarding houses (four girls, four boys) so students feel at home and can be themselves. Community, challenge, opportunity, and support are words Brentonians use to describe life here. 

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We believe in developing ongoing partnerships with students and their families. Frequent communication is easier than ever with Skype, Facebook, Twitter, email, and phone. Parents also stay up-to-date with life at Brentwood through the Brentwood Blog, online news, the Admissions Blog and our social media postings on Facebook and Twitter.

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