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The Magical Mystery Pacific Marine Circle Tour

Jun 09, '16

On Monday, May 30th, the 21st Century Studies classes went on a field trip across the Island on what is known as the Pacific Marine Circle Tour. We ventured to the Lake Cowichan Research Centre, west to Avatar Grove, and finally to Botanical Beach on the Island’s rugged Pacific coast and learned a lot about many things, from trees to the ecosystem...

Closing Day 2016

Jun 06, '16

On June 24th we will officially celebrate the convocation of our graduates and closing day for the School. For our graduates whether one year or four, they have put in a lifetime of work that will culminate with their final walk across the Brentwood stage. As you can anticipate, it will be a full day of packing, celebrating, and emotional...

3rd term sports end with a flurry at the finish!

Jun 06, '16

The month of May has once again been an extraordinarily busy time for our Brentwood athletes and their efforts have resulted in some outstanding performances. Our senior tennis team recently returned from the provincial Championship in Vancouver. The team played some of its best tennis of the year and made it all the way to the final were the...

The Homestretch

Jun 06, '16

The rowers departed for St. Catharines on last Tuesday morning, Mrs. Widenmaier is organizing the Concert for a Summer’s Eve, rugby and tennis teams have returned from provincial tournaments, and our track, boys rugby 7s, and girls soccer athletes are competing in their provincials this week. All of these events signal that the end of the...

The Education Puzzle

Jun 06, '16

In a knowledge-rich world, there is a need for education to focus on thinking and solving problems to prepare students for what they may encounter in their future. To address this, the Ministry of Education in BC has been working on a new approach to curriculum with the first official phase of implementation to happen this coming September for...

The Undo Button

Jun 06, '16

In the early 1990s, I discovered perhaps the most important technological advancement in a generation. After making a decision, almost any decision, I could simply press CTRL Z or Command Z, and the decision magically was UNDONE! This miracle could be applied to essays and emails. CTRL Z and it was gone. I often wished this UNDO button applied...

Brentwood “Lifers” Served Their Sentences

Jun 05, '16

Last Monday evening, forty-six graduating inmates, who survived their full four-year sentences at Brentwood, attended the annual Lifers’ Dinner hosted by Mrs. Martin. As we arrived we had our house photos taken and were served California rolls and other tasty appetizers. Once seated at our tables, we opened time capsule messages that were written...

Arts Review May

Jun 01, '16

After a robust and active performing arts year, we come to our final Showcase - number six - in our calendar of performances open to parents and public at the Bunch, our Concert for a Summer’s Eve. This annual cornucopia of music features performances by our award-winning choirs, instrumental ensembles and vocal groups, plus soloists. Our...

Khowhemun Reading Buddies

Jun 01, '16

For the past year, every month, our Grade 8 class has been visiting the Khowhemun Elementary School Grade 1 and Kindergarten classes to help them with their reading. Last week we were fortunate to host the kids at Brentwood. This was a fun experience consisting of playing games, scavenger hunts, and getting to know the kids better. It was so...

Concours D’Art Oratoire

May 30, '16

On May 7th, a small group of students dedicated their Red Saturday to the pursuit of the provincial title for the Concours D’Art Oratoire, a French speech competition organized by Canadian Parents for French (CPF) with the goal of promoting and enriching the French language in and outside of schools in Canada. This year’s provincial competition...

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