The Captain’s Closing War

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - By: Vanessa S, Alex ‘15 & Klara S, Hope ‘15

Last Wednesday the Brentwood Girls Rugby Team journeyed to Vancouver where they competed in the Provincial Championships at the UBC fields. The team, as well as the coaches, had come back from midterm break early to have a two-day training camp. At the camp, everybody used the time to work hard and get equipped for the upcoming games. The backs perfected tricky plays with intricate footwork designed to confuse opponents and score victorious tries. The forwards rucked and prepared defensively through lineouts as well as tightened their scrums like a fist. Along with independent training, the team came together to run as a whole, putting all the pieces of the puzzle into place. With a day and a night of training including four intense practices to hone their skills, the girls headed off ready to compete. 

The team prevailed in their first game against Robert Bateman School by a score of 30-5. The effort of the whole team was phenomenal, as Bateman was the #5 seed. “The girls started with lots of energy and dominated the scrums,” said Mr. Burrows. The ball was handled by red and white players sprinting vigorously up and down the field lines, without any sign of fear on their faces. Multiple tries were snatched up in the first half by Ciel A-B and Nambi M. The opposition’s one try was nowhere near good enough to beat Brentwood’s defensive skills.

During the second half, all that could be heard was the intake of breath by the spectators on the sidelines as Lauren A, Shannyn O and, once again, Nambi M swiftly touched the ball down behind Bateman’s line; the victory, however, was earned as a team.

This meant that the team had to face Abbotsford, the #1 seed, in the semifinals. As Abbotsford was the only team to beat Brentwood in the final of last year’s provincials (and by a large marghin) this game was imperative. “There is no one else I’d rather want to go to war with,” said Alex House’s grad Mikayla D about 10 minutes before kickoff. Not only was this the semifinal of the Provincial Championships, and the second last game of the season, but, more importantly, the second last game for the Grade 12s. Mr. Felix voiced his expectations and anticipations. He injected his words with motivation that allowed the players to play for one another as well as their Grade 12s. The tough tackles and spotless strategy, as well as the never-ending fitness of our athletes, provided them with a terrific game despite losing by a try, a huge improvement from last year’s result. 

“We are faster, stronger, more skilled, and BETTER LOOKING!” said Mr. Cowie as he pumped the team up right before they headed into the final game. With heavy hearts but high hopes, the girls moved into their final game in the tournament, a rivalry match against Shawnigan Lake School. In the Grade 12’s last game, the girls played with their hearts and souls. Unfortunately, the game was lost with blood, sweat, and some tears. Even with this loss, the Brentwood Girls Rugby team triumphed with fourth place in the province. 

Through the successes and losses during the season, the team’s Grade 12s, including team captain Lauren A, have made a vast positive difference in the experience of it all. With their positive words and helpful hints, the team to have an unforgettable year. Next year’s seniors have big cleats to fill.

Vanessa S, Alex ‘15 & Klara S, Hope ‘15

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