Shawnigan/Brentwood Grad Night

Tuesday, March 01, 2016 - By: Audrey K, Alex ’16, photo and article

This past Saturday night, Brentwood hosted this year’s Shawnigan-Brentwood Grad Night. Held in Crooks Hall and the McNeill Center, the event transformed the building into our very own casino with scattered roulette, poker, and black jack tables. Dressed to the nines, a sea of red, black, heels, ties, suits, and dresses made their way from table to table, intermingling, gambling and talking the night away.

After an hour of throwing away our ‘money’ on the lottery, which many were lucky enough to win, we were rewarded with boxes filled with variety chip packs, sour candies, suckers and more!

After an hour or so of practicing our best poker faces, the dance began. Everyone rushed into the McNeill Centre at the first beat of the music, which was graciously DJ’d by our very own Santiago G and Daniel M of Privett House. The dance was a huge success as everyone had an amazing time showing off his or her moves on the dance floor.

The night proved to be something to remember as many had fun meeting some new people. I speak on behalf of the grad class when I say I can’t thank the SEC and Grad Council enough for everything they did to put this special night together.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

Audrey K, Alex ‘16

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