Shawnigan Dinner Debate

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Fiona K, Alex ’19; Rashi B, Hope ’19; Kady S, Alex ‘19

On Friday, March 4th, eight Brentwood students visited Shawinigan Lake School for a formal dinner debate. The evening included four debates, which took place alongside a four-course meal. Brentwood was formidably represented by Kady S, Rashi B, Marina F, Brayden G, Griffin CA, Claire A, Fiona K, and Layli N. Paul B, a senior debater, was kind enough to serve as a judge for the event.

The resolutions were meant to provoke thought and dialogue, so the debaters and spectators were polled before and after each debate to see how much the debates changed peoples’ minds. The resolutions were: This house believes Donald Trump would be a good US President (Rashi and Kady, Layli); This house believes parents should be required to take a test before having children (Fiona and Brayden); This house believes that euthanasia should never be made legal (Claire and Griffin); and This house supports the death penalty (Marina and Kady).

Some students debated outside of Brentwood for the first time at this dinner, but their passionate argumentation and incisive points of information made Mr. Skardal proud. Competitions like this one help students to raise confidence, to test skills, and to meet new people. By the evening’s end, the students were satisfied after enjoying a wonderful meal and a thought-provoking debate.

Fiona K, Alex ’19; Rashi B, Hope ’19; Kady S, Alex ‘19

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