Senior Rugby Launches Spring Season

Friday, March 04, 2016 - By: Denver S, Ellis ‘16

Clouds blocked the sun and a chilling wind blew across the sopping field. Occasionally Helios would pop out from behind the grey to warm our backs. 

The fields were waterlogged; it had rained the four days previous. 

The two rugby pitches run parallel to each other with fields of hay and cows surrounding them. This past Thursday, March 3rd, four Island teams, Brentwood College School, Cowichan Secondary School, Frances Kelsey Secondary School, and Nanaimo District Secondary School competed in a tournament at the Cowichan Rugby Club to start off the 2016 British Columbia Secondary School Rugby Season. Over the course of the afternoon each team played three shortened games against each other. 

Brentwood’s first game was against the only AAA school there, Cowichan Secondary, and we started off quite slowly. After the first half we were down 10-0, but after a inspirational half time talk by Mr. Langer and Thomas DF we came back to tie it up and the final score was 10-10. 

With momentum from the second half, we continued straight into our next game against Nanaimo and began to pound through them scoring try after try, but eventually we let up near the end to allow one against. The final score was 35-5. We then had a half hour break which was much needed to recover and rehydrate before we played our final game against Frances Kelsey. 

Once the ball flew into the air from the kick off, it was on. Both Brentwood and Kelsey had come to play. Each meter gained was a battle, but eventually we powered through scoring two consecutive tries to tilt the scales in our favour. With plenty of rugby still to play they scored a try causing us to respond quickly with another try of our own that was a textbook support play. Thanks Irakli K & Daniel PS for their selfless play.

With this mini tournament we had quite a successful start to the rugby season (two wins, one tie) and it gave some of our newer teammates an opportunity for some game experience including Tyler D & Meril H who both played very well.

Now it’s back to the training pitch!

Denver S, Ellis ‘16

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