Senior Girls Reach Islands Wildcard

Friday, February 19, 2016 - By: Pat P, Mackenzie ‘16

The South Island Championship was a rollercoaster ride for the Senior Girls Basketball team. With a strong showing in the first game, the girls pulled off an impressive 71-57 win against Lambrick Park with McKenna H leading with 19 points. Moving to the semifinals, the girls fought hard against ranked SMUS, keeping the game close until the second half. 

Throughout the rest of the tournament, Petra J led the team in points. After an upsetting loss to Gulf Islands, the girls had to play one last game for 5th place, and the wild card spot for Islands. In one of their best games of the entire season, the girls had an incredible win against Parklands, who they lost to earlier this season. Petra J pulled off her career high of 36 points. Thanks to Taylor C for coming down to help the girls through their injuries. 

On Monday, after a day of recuperation, the girls faced Wellington in the first game of Islands. The girls played their hearts out but couldn’t come away with a win; it was a disappointing results. 

Although we did not go as far into the Island Championships as we had hoped, we still made it to Islands and should be proud of reaching our goal set from the start of the season. The girls should be so proud of themselves for a successful season and one heck of a run. A big shout out to the graduating players: Monica S, Danika E, McKenna H, Avi S, and Captain, Petra J.

Pat P, Mackenzie ‘16

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