Robotics in Top Gear

Monday, February 08, 2016 - By: Marie L, Allard ‘16, Captain of Robotics; Photo by Krysl Images Inc.

This year in Brentwood Robotics has been a busy one. The Beginners’ Robotics group have been working diligently to complete the various tasks that our coaches have given them. These challenges let each team build unique robots of their own design to complete the various task. 

The Competitive Robotics teams have been designing and constructing their way through this year's Vex Robotics Challenge. For 2016 this is called ‘Nothing But Net’, the goal of which is to collect balls and launch them into a net. Working many extra hours outside of class time, we have all managed to build robots to complete the task. We will continue to fine-tune our robots to make them as efficient as possible.

In our recent tournament in Comox, we faced off against 40 other teams. During selections, one of our teams was chosen to compete with the #1 ranked team and this newly formed group went on to win the tournament. As a result, we have a spot in the BC Provincial which will occur in the  spring.

R2-D2 would be proud.

Marie L, Allard ‘16, Captain of Robotics

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