Junior B Boys Basketball

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - By: Mrs. Sarah Hall, Coach

The Junior B Boys Basketball team was an enthusiastic group eager to improve their basketball skills and learn the sport. With a variety of skill levels joining the team, it was evident the boys would need to bring energy and a positive attitude to every practice to maximize our time together. 

Each practice the boys worked on fundamentals. At the beginning of the term the boys were learning how to dribble consistently with their head up. By the end of the term it was apparent our practice had paid off with everyone confidently moving up and down the court with the ball. 

It was not all individual improvements however, the desire to win and work as a team built quickly amongst the boys. In practice and games the boys encouraged one another to never give up and work to their full potential every minute they were on the court.

Our first game against Queen of Angels was a victory. Confidence skyrocketed and the team recognized they were a group of athletes who, when working together, could succeed. We never gave up and defense became our focus. With strong defense we held off teams that had more experience on the court. 

Passion and respect is what pushed this group of athletes. Respect for one another and a passion for the game. During the season each player was encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and all rose to the challenge. The majority of our games were within a few points and often came down to the last possession or two of the game to determine a winner. The team never backed down. Until the final buzzer, we were on the court and working hard. 

Coaches Doman & Hall could not be more proud of the team’s successes this year. Winning games is not the ultimate way to succeed: creating confidence, building friendships, and having fun were all achieved for our team this year.

Mrs. Sarah Hall, Coach

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