Java Hut 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016 - By: Georgia P, Mack ‘16; Photo by Robbie K, Whittall '19

Was the cocoa good? Excellent. 

Were the cookies good? Excellent. 

But Georgia, you may ask, “How were the acts?” Ah yes, the acts. Excellent. 

The night began with a musical piece and then moved on to some rock & roll with some skits thrown in. Yes, of course there were some mistakes, but the audience, rather than sitting silently or chattering, only cheered louder showing their love and support for their peers on stage. 

There was no shortage of talent displayed this Brentwood Saturday night. I found myself front row and centre feeling the time rush by because of how entertained I was. And there were treats; I am an absolute sucker for treats. 

I have heard nothing but great reviews about this event from everybody that I have spoken to. All of the anticipation leading up to Java Hut finally made sense to the new students who now realize the talent of our community and the encouragement Brentonians give to their peers. 

Gracing us with their presence, Joe M, Ellis ‘17 and Joe F, Rogers ‘16 were the MCs for the night. Although it was originally Joe, Joe and, you guessed it, Joe, one of them had a playoff basketball game and could not make it. Not only were students on stage, teachers such as Mr. and Mrs. Olszewski sang some Taylor Swift. And then Mr. Norman and his son Jacob, Whittall ‘16 presented a skit. They were not the only skit actors as Mr. Collis and Mr. Rodrigues also delivered a hilarious act. 

There were original compositions and top hits performed and even more comedic pieces. The boys’ choir dazzled the audience as well as the final act entitled, “A Shia Surprise” performed by a group of Grade 12 boys. 

Although I already mentioned and thanked the organizers of this event in my last blog, “Java Hut Preview”, Ms. McLean, Sarah L, Mack ‘16 & Cate B, Allard ‘17 deserve a huge thank you for the success of this event. I imagine next year's will be even better.

Georgia P, Mack ‘16

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