Jane Eyre on the Big Screen

Monday, January 25, 2016 - By: Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16

On an uncharacteristically sunny West Coast winter day, a handful of Brentwood students left class early to witness a spectacle of theatre: Jane Eyre. It was put on by The National Theatre in London and livestreamed to a Cineplex in Victoria: we were very lucky to have the opportunity to experience such a magnificent piece.

The set resembled a playground with its multiple ladders and bare wooden slats. It was stationary the entire play and used inventively to imagine a myriad of different settings. Every actor—with the exception of the title character—had to play multiple roles as it was a cast of fewer than a dozen people. Each actor brought intense energy to their roles. 

A live band sat on stage in the middle of the set, which brought even more life to the performance. The select vocals were abstract and haunting, which complimented the lighting and general atmosphere of the play with great beauty. 

On three sides of the stage were floor-to-ceiling white curtains, an effective set choice. They were often lit different colours (most often black or red) to set the scene.

Even with a three hour running time, we were wholly and entirely captivated for every second of the performance. This interpretation was so fresh, modern, ethereal, dark, that we simply could not look away.

This was the fourth live streamed performance that Brentwood students have had the opportunity to go watch. Ella B, Mack ’17 stated that the picture quality was “astounding”.  Indeed, the students seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.

It is truly fantastic that this opportunity to see professional theatre has been seized. It has helped out immensely with enriching our cultural experiences, and in some cases our academic experiences as well.

Thanks, Mr. Collis. Looking forward to more theatre from The National soon,

Jaclyn C, Alex ‘16

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