Brentwood Student or National Lifeguard?

Monday, February 01, 2016 - By: Gina B, Mack ‘17

These past three weekends, Brentwood students have been spending their days working tirelessly at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in order to gain their National Lifeguard certification. The forty-four hour course tested their minds and bodies as they spent eight hour days in the pool or in the classroom, learning everything you need in order to save people’s lives in aquatic environments. 

Gina B, Mack ‘17, Tamara C, Alex ‘16, Juliane B, Mack ‘17, Thomas P, Whitall ‘17, Clare G, Mack ‘17, Zoe N, Mack '17, and Julian H, Ellis ‘17 spent many hours learning all that was needed to pass the course. This included spinal injury procedure, rescuing drowning victims, oxygen therapy, CPR, and much more. The most gruelling part however was all the physical standards you had to complete.

Endurance swims, diving for bricks, and swimming with an unconscious body was particularly difficult, and all of us came back exhausted on Saturday and Sunday nights. Thankfully, all students managed to pass every requirement that was thrown their way. The students in the course learned the importance of teamwork and quick thinking in high stress situations, because in real life it’s peoples lives that you are protecting.

This summer, these Brentwood students will be able to work at their local swimming pools and gain valuable (and well paid) experience to put on their resumes. After all their hard work, they are glad they earned the title of National Lifeguards! 

Gina B, Mack ‘17

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