Brentwood “Lifers” Served Their Sentences

Sunday, June 05, 2016 - By: Liam B, Ellis ‘16

Last Monday evening, forty-six graduating inmates, who survived their full four-year sentences at Brentwood, attended the annual Lifers’ Dinner hosted by Mrs. Martin. As we arrived we had our house photos taken and were served California rolls and other tasty appetizers. Once seated at our tables, we opened time capsule messages that were written to our future selves when we were blissfully naive Grade Nines. 

Some of us found that we had set unrealistic expectations for future endeavours, while others found that in four years of schooling we had not changed very much. It was illuminating to gather together everyone who had been here since the beginning, reminiscing about those nervous first weeks endured in the autumn of 2012, when some of us sported afros. A toast was given to the completion of four years of school, and we ate a delicious meal from a buffet prepared by the kitchen staff.

Mr. Cowie, who has served nearly an actual life sentence (over three and a half decades) at Brentwood, was our entertaining MC for the evening. Mr. Patel reminded us that since it is his fourth year at the school, he too has earned the title of a Brentwood lifer. Speakers from each house were selected, and they invoked laughter and nostalgia from the audience by recalling the bygone days and hairstyles of our junior years. A common theme was the initial insecurity felt by Grade 9s in arriving at Brentwood, and the warm acceptance in the days, weeks, and years that followed. 

The evening concluded with a slideshow of embarrassing moments from our junior years (thanks to yearbook and all the contributors) and the presentation of the coveted engraved “Lifers” pens. Thank you to Mrs. Martin and all the others who made this fun event possible.

It’s been a life!

Liam B, Ellis ‘16

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