Biomedical at UVic

Thursday, February 04, 2016 - By: Mr Dave McCarthy

 The University of Victoria recently hosted a “Biomedical Symposium” for high school students from across the Island. Ten Brentwood seniors attended and were treated to a variety of activities including lectures on neuroscience research, the use of stem cells in spinal cord repair, and the future of bioengineering. In addition, tours were arranged to let students into research labs where they were able to see post-graduate research in action and have some hands-on moments with the equipment. 

Experiments demonstrated varied from EEG and eye tracking machines in the cognitive science department to experiments on mouse brains in the neuroscience wing. Our students got a feel for what life was like in a research lab as well as how experiments were conducted at the university level. All agreed it was an excellent learning experience and one we would be keen to repeat.

Mr Dave McCarthy

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