A Small but Mighty Choir

Thursday, March 03, 2016 - By: Hannah R, Mackenzie ’18

Stephen Hawking once said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Taking these words to heart, the Brentwood College A Cappella Choir must be one of the most intelligent around. We have certainly had to adapt to change throughout the past term! Diminishing by two members over the Winter Break and with frequently fluctuating numbers, it has proven crucial that the small group and our leader, Mr. Newns, remain flexible and open to revision. We are still trying to recruit a few more enthusiastic members to join us for the upcoming festival season, so if you know of any students who love to sing, send them our way!

Rehearsing three times a week, the A Cappella group practices and performs a wide range of repertoire, from Pitch Perfect, to Disney, to traditional choir songs. We have even recently branched out into some jazz! A Cappella is the more advanced, faster paced of the two Brentwood Choirs, and to add to the heightened independence, Mr. Newns also encourages us, as performers, to make our own suggestions and requests as to repertoire and style. Along with staging our own performances and adding a splash of creative flair through self-choreographed pieces, the A Cappella Choir provides a chance for budding performers to contribute their own opinions and artistic touch to songs that will be performed at shows and festivals.

Beginning with the Concert for Spring at St. John’s Church on the first Sunday back from March Break, the April page of the calendar holds many performance dates. We plan on participating in at least two music festivals this season, both in Victoria, BC: The Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, and the West Coast Jazz Festival. The festival season will move quickly, and before we know it, third term will have passed and we will be up to our necks in preparations for Concert for a Summer’s Eve!

The A Cappella Choir has a supportive team environment and is a great way to improve musical skills while doing what all the members love to do: sing our hearts out! We look forward to entertaining you.

Hannah R, Mackenzie ’18

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