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The Magical Mystery Pacific Marine Circle Tour

Jun 09, '16

On Monday, May 30th, the 21st Century Studies classes went on a field trip across the Island on what is known as the Pacific Marine Circle Tour. We ventured to the Lake Cowichan Research Centre, west to Avatar Grove, and finally to Botanical Beach on the Island’s rugged Pacific coast and learned a lot about many things, from trees to the ecosystem to tidal systems and tidal pool dwellers. It was...

Closing Day 2016

Jun 06, '16

On June 24th we will officially celebrate the convocation of our graduates and closing day for the School. For our graduates whether one year or four, they have put in a lifetime of work that will culminate with their final walk across the Brentwood stage. As you can anticipate, it will be a full day of packing, celebrating, and emotional...

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