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Within Brentwood's state of the art training facility, athletes are provided a safe and professional training environment maintained through high standards of respect and integrity. Our Strength & Conditioning coaches build life-long athletes by providing a strong foundation of physical literacy through strength and movement. We aim to educate about the benefits of training to promote confidence, injury prevention and to strive towards peak performance.

Brentwood S&C strives for excellence in coaching by providing leading edge, evidence based programs to facilitate the development of elite, student athletes, athletic careers.

Athletes are programmed using the principles of the following three tiers:

Tier III - “Training Foundations” (Learn to Train)

Strength and Conditioning Tier 3 - Training Foundations would serve as an entry level for not only junior athletes, but also less experienced senior students, and those in need of improved mobility and rehabilitation. Those in the tier would learn to train through the teachings of the S&C instructors, and by participating in both individual mobility and prehabilitation sessions, as well as unified general exercise programs focused on developing foundational strength. Athletes could progress to the next tier by improving their FMS scores, as well as showing satisfactory strength and proficiency in the following movements: Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull, and Carry.

Tier II - “Intermediate Training” (Train to Train)

Strength and Conditioning Tier 2 - Intermediate Training would cater to the student athletes that have a solid pre-existing foundation of strength and mobility that seek to improve their strength and conditioning. Furthermore, they would have the opportunity to learn training techniques and positive habits that would allow them to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle beyond their time at Brentwood. Those wishing to graduate from tier 2 would be required to show proficiency in multiple progressions and variations of select fundamental movements (ex. Squats - BW, Goblet, Front, Back, Split, Bulgarian). Athletes would also be required to spend a minimum of one term in tier 2 before progressing to the top tier - this is with the exception of the consideration of new senior students that will be playing a competitive sport in the Fall Term.

Tier I - “Varsity Training” (Train to Perform)

Strength and Conditioning Tier 1 - Varsity Training would serve the more experienced and physically capable senior athletes by offering a more advanced, demanding, and higher level of training. The periodized programs would be sport specific, and throughout the year, would ready athletes to compete at their optimal physical potential come their respective competitive seasons. Those enrolled in Varsity Training would be encouraged to workout at a time pre-scheduled for their sport - alongside their fellow varsity teammates - to promote a positive bonding, motivating, yet competitive environment.

Girls' Weight Training

A student works with weights

Girls' Weight Training is offered in the second and third terms for athletes of all abilities. The athletes are taught concepts of strength training including such principles as muscular endurance, strength and power; anaerobic vs aerobic fitness and program design. Athletes are introduced to various training methods including weight machines, free weights, exercises, using body weight, core strength and anaerobic conditioning to give each athlete a balanced program. Particular attention is paid to mobility, flexibility and functional strength through full ranges of movement. A large emphasis of girls' weight training is teaching the athletes how to perform specific exercises with proper technique. This will help optimize performance and enable them to train and orientate themselves safely in any future gym.

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An athlete working with free weights
A staff member coaches a student in weight training

Oliver Amiel

B.Sc. (McGill) Whittall Assistant Houseparent, Chemistry, Rugby, Strength and Conditioning

"Where are you from?" is an interesting question for Mr. Amiel and not one easily answered. Born on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, his family moved to Vancouver, then to Calgary, New Zealand, and back to the Sunshine Coast, all in 13 years. With a healthy amount of time spent in England over that same time period, Mr. Amiel was accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle when he landed at Brentwood in grade 8. He developed a love of science during his 5 years at Brentwood and moved on to live in Montreal and attend McGill for six years, where he studied a wide range of sciences, but found his greatest passion to be Chemistry. He promptly left Canada after graduation, moving to South Korea, where he taught English for one year, and then moved to Melbourne, Australia. He acquired his Diploma of Education there and worked at three schools over seven years. During that time, Mr. Amiel fell in love with the Australian High Country and the pursuit of outdoor activities. He returned to Canada in early in 2011 and met the love of his life, Robyn, that spring, whom he married in the summer of 2013. They now both live and work at Brentwood... with their son Gavin and dog Mya.

Tanya Scheck

B.A. Kinesiology, Advisor, Volleyball Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ms. Scheck was raised in Northern BC where she developed a keen interest in playing a variety of summer and winter sports.  Her main interests were volleyball, softball, basketball and curling.  It did not take long for Ms. Scheck to realize that volleyball was going to be a sport she continued playing throught her life.  After high school, she went on to play for the College of New Caledonia leading the team to a qualifying spot at the provincial championships.  Ms. Scheck was named to the Inter-Collegiate All-Canadian team.  The University of Victoria was the next stop for Ms. Scheck where she continued her studies and her volleyball career.  She knew her interest in sports would be a stepping stone for her future interest in how the human body moves.  Ms. Scheck gradutated with a degree in Kinesiology from UVIC while playing on the women's varsity volleyball team.  Ms. Scheck was a middle blocker at UVIC training under her mentor, Ms. Jill Fougner.  After graduation from UVIC, Ms. Scheck went on to continue her mentorship as an assistant coach with Ms. Fougner.  Ms. Scheck holds her Level II National Coaching certification in volleyball and joined the Brentwood community in 2003.  Ms. Scheck currently coaches volleyball, girls weight training, the varsity strength and conditioning program as well as the rehabilitation program.  Ms. Scheck and her husband Matt have a daughter.​

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