Cross Training

Kendra Thompson

Cross training is a high-intensity sport designed for senior athletes who are looking for strength and aerobic training diversity. Workouts are designed specifically with the participants’ needs in mind—coaches encourage dialogue and goal setting in order to create the best experience for all athletes.

Running local mountains, kick-boxing, cardio and strength circuits, swimming, tabata training, cycling and hot yoga are just some of the activities athletes can expect to complete. Although all levels of athletic ability are encouraged to join, this sport is not for the faint of heart; it takes courage and determination to be part of this program. 

By the end of each term, athletes can expect to have enhanced cardio capacity, core stability and flexibility and to have gained valuable workout and training ideas that they can take with them when  they move on to future endeavours. 

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Kendra Thompson

B.A. (Bishop’s University), Cross Training, Rogers House

Miss Thompson is a new RFA in Rogers House this year. She is originally from Montreal but went to school at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke where she graduated with a BA in English Literature. She is one of the four Cross Training coaches at Brentwood.

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