Kindling Kindness

Friday, February 19, 2021 - By: Zosia S, Hope ‘21

Kindness Week has officially commenced and it is not only a great way to be welcomed back to the campus after a midterm break, but it is also an opportunity to reanimate Brentwood’s core values. It is easy to forget the value of spreading kindness especially during a time when life is a little more challenging than normal, but this spirited reminder is the perfect way to bring joy to the community.

Yesterday was the first day of Kindness Week and its focus was on the earth. Be Kind to the Environment Day included the 100km Dinner which consisted of food from within a one hundred kilometer radius and the Interhouse Beat Challenge which gave two students from each house the opportunity to compete in a relay-like challenge of sorting waste. Adrienne R, Hope ‘21, this year’s BEAT (Brentwood Environmental Action Team) Captain , played a crucial role in organizing the day’s activities. Adrienne explains how “More than ever it’s crucial we are considerate of our environment and doing our best to care for it. Ultimately, by being kind to our home, we are being kind to ourselves, which is what the BEAT tries to shine a light on.”

There is plenty more to come throughout the week as students look forward to the various themed days. Today is Appreciation Day, which will include a chocolate buffet and some Grade 12 / Staff twinning. Saturday is Grit & Joy Day when students will get to ditch the uniforms to wear the school colours (black and red) and in the evening there will be the much-anticipated Interhouse Spelling Bee. Sunday, Have a Heart Day, consists of numerous activities including a special pink-themed brunch, bracelet making, tie dye and the start of the Interhouse Dance Revolution. Kindness Week will end off on Wednesday February 24th with the school participating in the country-wide Pink Shirt Day to combat bullying.

Brentwood’s wellness club, BWELL,  in collaboration with BEAT, SAC, and OMNI, has been instrumental in the creation of this week-long event. When speaking with Ms Murray, a faithful Hope House faculty and the one-and-only BWELL Sponsor, I learned that the goal of Kindness Week is for all of the school clubs to collaborate in and offer initiatives for furthering kindness. Ms Murray explains that from a BWELL perspective “Kindness improves our sense of well being and connection.” BWELL has contributed to the numerous activities of Kindness Week with gratitude notes, kindness-to-yourself activities, the collection of clothes for the Cowichan Emergency Shelter and a special surprise on Monday at lunch which Ms Murray would not even share with me. Furthermore, attached below is a video made by the Grade 11 BWELL members.

Now more than ever, it’s time to treat people with kindness by focusing on the environment, on others, and on ourselves. Additionally, taking the time to learn more about prominent issues in our society can develop compassion and ultimately create a positive community for all. Students are, no doubt, looking forward to a beneficial week of kindness-oriented activities knowing that there is always more to learn and always more to spread.

Zosia S, Hope ‘21




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