2020 Reunion FAQs

Reunion Weekend is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with your former classmates and teachers. Brentwood makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy your time because we take care of every detail, from accommodation, to childcare! Please read the FAQ’s below, and if your question isn’t answered, don’t hesitate to reach out via email to Amy Weinberg with any additional questions or comments!

When is the 2020 Summer Reunion?
June 26-28, 2020

Where do I/we stay?
You are welcome to stay anywhere you would like, but the most convenient, and probably most fun option, is to stay on campus in the dorms! You can stay one, or two nights, but please note, the price is the same regardless of the duration of your stay, as we only charge the cost of the cleaning fee which is done after you depart. ($75)

Can I share a room with my friend?
You are more than welcome to room with your friend, but each class will be assigned to one dorm, so even if you do not room together, you will be just a few doors away.

Are the dorms co-ed?
Yes. The dorms accommodate both men, women, and if applicable, children.

Do I have to sign up for the entire weekend, or can I drop into say hi?
You do not need to join your reunion for the entire weekend. We have “a la carte” options and prices listed on the website registration form which allows you to choose activities based on your preference. You must however register if you plan to join us so we can account for your attendance, even if it’s just a brief visit.

Can I bring my spouse?
Your spouse and children are more than welcome to join you for your reunion. You must register them for the activities that they will be participating in, as well as indicate you will need childcare at least 2 weeks prior to reunion weekend.

If I bring my kids, do I have to put my kids into childcare?
No. We think they will love joining the other alumni children in our childcare program, however it is not mandatory. Please note: to ensure the enjoyment of all our guests during the formal Saturday night dinner, children are not permitted.

When do I get my dorm assignments?
Dorm assignments will be assigned and provided to you upon check-in. We guarantee you will be in the same dorm as your classmates, as long as you have registered at least three weeks in advance.

What meals are included?
Friday: Appetizers will be served at the Friday evening welcome reception.
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Gala Dinner and Late Night Snack.
Sunday: Brunch

Can I bring food/drinks will me?
You are welcome to utilize the dorm common room refrigerators for food and beverages, however it is not necessary, as we provide more than enough throughout the weekend.

What is the dress code for the weekend?
We let you set the dress code, but typically this is what you can expect:

Friday Night Welcome Reception:
(Men) Jeans/Slacks/Shorts and a button up shirt (Woman) Jeans and a blouse or summer dress

Saturday Breakfast & BBQ Lunch:
(Men) Jeans/Slacks/Shorts and a button up shirt/tee shirt (Woman) Shorts/skirt/jeans and a tee shirt or summer dress

Saturday Gala Dinner:
(Men) Slacks, button up and dinner jacket (Woman) Dress or slacks and Blouse

Sunday Brunch:
Very casual

Will there be parking on campus?
Yes, there is plenty of parking space. You will likely find parking close by, if not right outside the dorm you are assigned to.

What if I arrive by boat?
If you plan to arrive by boat, send an email to Amy Weinberg - space permitting, you can moor at the Brentwood dock. If your boat is over a certain size, we recommend you moor at the Mill Bay Marina, located a 2-5 minutes walk down the beach from Brentwood Campus.

I want to attend reunion, but I don’t have my work schedule yet. What do I do?
The best thing to do is to email Amy Weinberg FIRST, to let her know you are unsure if you will be able to attend or not yet. She will ensure your credit card is not yet charged, however, will account for your attendance in the activities you have selected. It’s easy to decrease the number of attendees, however it gets more and more difficult to add attendees as we move closer to reunion weekend.

For any additional questions or comments, please contact Amy Weinberg.

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