Mentorship Testimonials

Mark Collinson, Ellis '00

Mark, a mechanical engineer, is the Director of New Glenn Manufacturing & Test at Blue Origin in Seattle, WA. Mark is an alumni mentor on Brentonian Connect.

“At the 2019 Brentonian Connect Weekend, I had brunch with two students, now my mentees, to talk about careers in Engineering. They had such great questions about what to expect at university, and the challenges/rewards of working in the profession. Although you try to give a balanced account of life at work, in that setting it's hard not to get excited by the parts of your career that you love. Through mentoring, I've gained a renewed sense of appreciation for the better parts of my job. There are plenty of struggles to face in university and in one's career, where it's often unclear how to move forward. Wouldn't it be great to talk with someone who shares a common set of experiences and has been through it before?"

Brianne Pavlis, Mack '17

Brianne is currently a student at NUI Galway's School of Medicine in Ireland and is an alumni mentor on Brentonian Connect

“Connecting with my student mentee, Dylan, was very important to me. When I started looking into university overseas, I didn't know anyone I could talk to about what to expect, so being able to help someone else was very rewarding. It was also a great opportunity to look back at my time at Brentwood and my few years at university and reflect on what I learned from each experience. I think it's a really important thing for alumni to do as it gives students a chance to make an informed choice going forward and gives them a contact to reach out to. It's something I wish I had during my time at Brentwood."

Anna M, Grade 12 Student

“Having an alumni mentor has helped me in so many ways. My mentor lives in New York and has a career in the fashion industry, which is where my interests lie. She gave me helpful advice, told me what to expect and most importantly what to be aware of in this industry. I’ve become much more familiar with what the fashion world looks like because of my mentor’s willingness to help. Many thanks to her and to Brentwood for giving us Brentonian Connect!”

Noel P, Grade 10 Student

“Finding a mentor on Brentonian Connect was a great experience for me. My mentor is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur working in the biotechnology space. After connecting on the platform, we organized a FaceTime call. He was very open to talking with me and answsered all the questions I could think of regarding my journey after Brentwood. Connecting with a mentor and having long discussions about the future really opened my eyes to what I can do with my life and the paths I can take to attain my end goal."

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